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I was impressed

Aug 2019

I was impressed with the time given to me explaining the basic workings of the ear and the elaborate electronics which displayed my condition and the procedure that would be required to improve my hearing. The results are very pleasing not only for me but also for my family!

John – Gamlingay – CB22 

What an amazing/invaluable service

Apr 2019

What an amazing/invaluable service angli-Ear offers! Having only hearing in one ear (from birth) – I was left worryingly with a rather sudden & horrible predicament after swimming had (unknowingly) caused a major cerumen impaction; which had resulted in an horrendous deafness and accompanying tinnitus…. and not wanting to risk the prospect of a less experienced doctor or nurse attempting an old fashioned (and much riskier) syringing – I rather fortunately came across the angli-Ear clinic instead. Where Dr Stephanie rather skilfully performed the required micro-suction, irrigation and careful extraction of decades worth of slowly accumulated wax, and which thankfully fully restored my hearing again…. even better than it’s been for years! So I highly recommend angli-Ear!!

Adam – Great Shelford – CB22

Great service provided by Stephanie

Apr 2019

A great online booking service, wonderful interaction with all the staff very friendly and welcoming. Great service provided by Stephanie, she explained everything extremely well was very kind and considerate.

Jacqueline – Huntington – PE28

I was in a desperate state due to my tinnitus

Apr 2019

When seeing Trevor for my first visit I was in a desperate state due to my tinnitus. His calm, friendly and reassuring manner gave me the hope I needed to tackle my situation. With the help of my ‘brain’ aids and Trevor’s invaluable therapy I am now moving forward. A big thank you to Trevor and his team.

Michael – Bury St Edmunds – IP33

Many thanks for my check-up

Mar 2019

Many thanks for my check-up today and the adjustments you made to my instruments. Until you asked, I hadn’t realised how much I was avoiding the social side of my singing group.

I made a point of staying behind yesterday for a coffee, and the changes you had made worked really well. I know it was as noisy as usual as a friend with normal hearing asked to move to somewhere quieter!

Gill – Great Shelford – CB22

Such a good customer experience

Mar 2019

Such a good customer experience here, Trevor and his team are just brilliant. So much care was taken with me as a client and the expertise was clear in all the staff. Trevor has a cool app and showed me inside my ears and talked me through the procedure before starting any work, his approach was very cool and he is worth everyone of the 5 stars.

Darren – Great Cambourne – CB22

After a month of problems with my ear

Nov 2018

After a month of problems with my ear, a same day visit to angl-EAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions Limited produced the desired solution to my my problems. Trevor was very good in explaining everything during the procedure and the end result is restored perfect hearing. Thank you

Derrick – Peterborough – PE2

The help you gave extended beyond the hearing aids

Oct 2018

Just wanted to say that I went for my hearing aid fitting on the NHS on Friday. I was in and out in about 10 minutes and wasn’t asked a single question about how I’d been coping with Tinnitus.

I went along as I was curious to see what I’d be offered, plus they could be in reserve should I loose, damage or eat the ones you supplied. 🙂

I thought you should know this as I felt the help you gave me extended beyond the hearing aids I bought. I’m so pleased that I made the decision to contact you. Sarah asked me more questions in my initial phone call than the Senior Audiologist at our local NHS audiology clinic on Friday.

As I said to you, the check up appointments were like therapy for me and we’re so helpful and important. The fact that my wife and the kids could come along was a big help as Tinnitus initially impacted on everyone in the family when it first arrived.

We’ve recommend you to a colleague.

Gary – Braintree – CM7

A poem

Aug 2018

I listened hard ,sound -muzzy ,unclear

Her speech was distant though she was near

Of angli-EAR a friend did mention

A visit arranged then best of attention

And now !! I can hear so loud and so clear

My grateful thanks to angli-EAR .


Thank to all of the team ,not forgetting Teddy


George – Cambridge – CB1



Loss of any of your senses can be stressful

Jul 2018

Loss of any of your senses can be stressful as I found with my hearing loss. My consultant was professional and friendly throughout, explaining the process having secured my history of the problem. The procedure was painless with care taken to ensure I was comfortable throughout. More importantly, to visually see the before and after treatment results was very reassuring. Would highly recommend to anyone

Melvin – Peterborough – PE7

The service and attention was excellent

Jul 2018

The service and attention to detail I received were excellent. Stephanie listened very well to my issues regarding my hearing, and was able to provide a solution in terms of a hearing aid. She was very careful to ensure all aspects of the hearing aid worked as well as possible for me. Stephanie was helpful and polite throughout, and clearly has a great amount of expertise

Gill – Wimpole – SG8

All my questions were answered thoroughly

Jun 2018

Excellent, professional and friendly service. My appointment felt left me feeling very reassured. All my questions were answered thoroughly and with care

Sarah – Hauxton – CB22

very fair pricing

Jun 2018

Excellent service, very friendly, very fair pricing

Michael – Cambridge – CB1

Welcoming friendly considerate staff

May 2018

Could make prompt appointment for ear wax removal. Welcoming friendly considerate staff. Procedure wasn’t rushed and was explained in detail. Procedure executed in a calm, professional manner and was painless

Annie – Moulton – CB8

The practice was welcoming (especially Teddy)

May 2018

Everything was straightforward and seamless. The practice was welcoming (especially Teddy) and the level of service brilliant

Lucy – Withersfield – CB9

Very impressed with the expertise

May 2018

Very impressed with the expertise of Trevor who explained everything to me making sure I understood what was going on.There was no trying to sell me anything, he was always straight down the line as to what my hearing problem was and the best way forward, plus he had a great sense of humour, he needed that with me!”

Keith – Barhill – CB23

removing the ear wax was painless and efficient

May 2018

I was able to book an appointment very quickly. The treatment was explained clearly by Trevor Chapman giving me reassurance. The procedure to remove the ear wax was painless and efficient.

Joe – Hardwick – CB23

A Great experience cant fault it in anyway

May 2018

Having had a problem with Ear wax on a regular basis ,painful experiences with NHS treatment and being a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to ears whats a girl to do ? Fortunately i have just discovered your team …. A home visit for my housebound elderly mother , resulted in her agreeing to trial hearing aids when all others had fallen by the wayside , My ears cleaned and cleared so now the neighbours don’t have to hear my telly and it was quick painless and fascinating to see my eardrums! Top this off with a visit from the wonderful Teddy… A Great experience cant fault it in anyway!

Caroline – Bottisham – CB25

NHS had 2 tries at syringing with no success

May 2018

I had a problem with ear wax. The NHS had 2 tries at syringing with no success. I contacted anglEAR Hearing and the following morning I was leaving their building with full hearing and clean ears. Trevor did the procedure very effectively. He explained clearly what he was doing and the whole procedure was painless. I’ll definitely be going back when I have an ear wax problem again.

Joe – Hardwick – CB23

Put my child at ease

Apr 2018

The service we received today at angli-EAR Hearing was exceptional. My 11 year old daughter frequently suffers from compacted ear wax and along with this gets extremely upset and agitated, pleading with me to get it removed ASAP. On phoning angli-EAR Hearing they were extremely understanding and accommodating, both Trevor and Sarah on reception were fantastic and very reassuring to my child, setting us both instantly at ease. Trevor explained everything in great detail and I certainly learnt a thing or two about the latest treatments available. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Karen – Wisbech – PE14

I never feel rushed…

Apr 2018

Everyone is friendly and polite.. including the dog! We are always offered a hot drink which helps to make us feel welcome. I think the most important thing for me is that I never feel rushed and that Trevor always listens and understands

Toni – Saffron Walden – CB10

very efficient

Apr 2018

I was able to get an appointment within a few days of ringing, and actually got an earlier slot due to the original appointment being cancelled due to sickness. I could very well have been told come back another day, but they got me in at the convenience to everyone in involved.

Nick – Haverhill – CB9

I’ll certainly use this service again

Apr 2018

The audiologist who treated me was wonderful, Stephanie – ex US Air Force audiologist. She was really clear in explaining everything and made me feel entirely at my ease during the procedure. The whole process was very ‘therapeutic’ in that respect. And the results were good. I’ll certainly use this service again if/when I need it.

Tony – Cambridge – CB1

Extremely good service

Apr 2018

Extremely good service. Very friendly and helpful staff. Made me feel that my issue was important and I felt comfortable at all times.

Joanne – Bury St Edmunds – IP28

Amazing. Truly fantastic service

Apr 2018

Amazing. Truly fantastic service. I went almost two weeks with a blocked ear. Made an appointment and Stephanie was most accommodating to my working hours. But her determination for perfection was amazing. I went in with one blocked ear, to find out I had one and almost a second and walked out with two perfectly clear ears. My girlfriend was hugely impressed and now wants to go herself. Teddy was a most lovely surprise welcome and they do everything to make you feel at home and perfectly comfortable. I cannot recommend them enough especially Stephanie and I will most certainly be going back again. Wonderful people and amazing service.

Simon – Haverhill – CB9

Fantastic service

Mar 2018

Fantastic service, Staff and modern location with great technology. One of the best customer services experiences I have had.

Pascal – Ely – CB6

Very quick, competent, professional and friendly service

Mar 2018

My little daughter had earwax build-up removed. Very quick, competent, professional and friendly service. Would definitely recommend.

Marcus – Cambridge – CB1

Very friendly and professional

Feb 2018

Very friendly and professional. Explained procedures fully and answered all questions and sorted out my ear problems. Very grateful and I highly recommend

Chris – Cottenham – CB24

Made the world of difference

Feb 2018

After being cajoled to do something about my hearing I attended Trevor’s clinic.
Having had the hearing test I was quite shocked to find out how much hearing I had lost especially clarity , it seems my brain was guessing at many words !
Trevor explained my choices and recommend my hearing aids ( sorry instruments ).
They have made the world of difference over and above the ones I had , plus the fact they are so much more comfortable to wear .
My wife now says she can’t grumble about me under her breath now !
I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor and his team.
I felt under no pressure and everything was explained throughout . Even had IT advice .
Three lovely people plus Teddy.

Stan – Balsham – CB21

My hearing was in safe hands

Jan 2018

I felt my hearing was in safe hands. The whole experience was handled in a very professional way and I won’t hesitate to use this service again

Stanley – Peterborough – PE6

No pain or discomfort removing my wax

Dec 2017

Stephanie cleared my earwax in a matter of seconds with no pain or discomfort whatsoever. She was excellent at describing how the equipment worked and I have no doubt that the NHS water syringing offered in 2 weeks time would not have been so pleasant (or safe) an experience! Sadly she identified most of my current symptoms as NOT due to wax but to internal congestion… so it’s back to the NHS.

Alex – Cottenahm – CB24

Phenomenal and the results are truly amazing

Dec 2017

My Husband Had Hearing Aids from Specsavers that were approx. 4-5 years old and not performing well so made an appointment to see Trevor. This was one of the best decisions ever made as from the first appointment we were treated with the upmost respect from kind and friendly Trevor and his partner Sarah. Absolutely everything was explained and the care and attention was first class. The time and trouble taken to ensure that the new hearing aids were perfect for my husbands type of hearing loss was phenomenal and the results truly amazing, will never forget the look on my husbands face when the aids were fitted, programmed and he heard clearly for the first time! Both my husband and I cannot recommend these lovely people enough….the end result has been LIFE CHANGING…Thank you so much .
You also get the extra treat of being greeted by their beautiful dog Teddy who gives his own welcome every time.

Angie and Barry – Cambridge – CB5

Brilliant from the beginning

Nov 2017

My experience at angli-EAR Hearing has been brilliant from the beginning. Trevor Chapman is thorough, friendly, knowledgeable and very good at explaining things. I love my new Instruments, as the hearing aids are now called, and my life is SO much better now that I can hear properly. I would urge anyone who is considering having aids of any kind to try Angliear. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

Adele – Great Shelford – CB22

Very very effective

Oct 2017

Very friendly, efficient and very very effective! I would recommend them happily to anyone else looking for help with hearing related issues.

Kari – Stapleford – CB22

The hearing aid has exceeded my expectations

Mar 2017

I decided to visit angliEAR Hearing because they had been recommended to me and when I read reviews on the internet they were all incredibly positive. I have suffered with hearing difficulties for some time and wanted to have clear and straightforward advice about the options. Trevor’s qualifications were exemplary and he was very easy to talk to and was patient and dedicated to finding the best personal option for me. I saw him on a weekly basis for a month having been given a hearing aid to trial for this period free of charge. My daughter took me to every appointment and he was very accommodating and welcoming.

The hearing aid has exceeded my expectations and I now even need to ask my daughter to speak more quietly!

After the trial period I decided to go ahead with the purchase and I haven’t looked back. I enjoy gatherings with numerous people and can hear everything they are saying even in a noisy setting. I have a strong family network so have not joined any local support groups but I know that Trevor is very involved with educating the local community. I would totally recommend angliEAR and wish Trevor and his team all the best for the future.

Judith – Sawston – CB22

I don’t normally leave reviews

Dec 2016

I don’t normally leave reviews – good or bad – but my experience today was exceptional. Thank you so much for your warm welcome – Teddy was an added bonus – the excellent service and the complete removal of my ear wax! I will be back next time it needs doing and you would also be my first port of call for any other hearing problems in the future.
Thanks again.

Sue – Shelford – CB22

Beyond anything I’ve experienced at a GP level

Dec 2016

I called up on a Friday morning around 9:30, the staff had to leave early that day for a conference. However they said they would squeeze me in just before they closed for the day. I’d liked to say a massive thank you for the amazing service and treatment. From start to finish the service was faultless and everything was explained in great detail which was a great reassurance, dare i say far beyond anything I’ve experienced at a GP level.

Thanks guys and all the best for the future of your business.

Craig – St Ives – PE27

Carefully and professionally treated

Dec 2016

Over 6 weeks of ear pain, headaches, ear blockage, hearing loss, tinnitus, not being able to think straight and having my sleep affected… And having been messed around and kept waiting by my GP surgery, all changed and alleviated by angliEAR Hearing today, in one day! I’m soooo grateful! I called this morning and spoke to Sarah the lovely receptionist, who was really understanding and supportive hearing my tale of woe. Thankfully Trevor managed to fit me in today and successfully remove the ear wax that was causing most of the problems. What a relief! And what a difference to be properly listened to and carefully and professionally treated, by caring, knowledgeable staff in a nice environment. I’m going back next week for a hearing test and to see what can be done for my tinnitus.

I have no hesitation in recommending angliEAR Hearing for your ear troubles.

Thank you so much Trevor and Sarah for alleviating my suffering. Who knew ear wax could be so troublesome?!

And meeting Teddy (the gorgeous office Golden Retriever puppy) was a happy, welcome bonus!

Saheera – Ely – CB6

Patient & Caring

Nov 2016

I have just finished trialling a Hearing aid, then purchasing them from Trevor at angliEAR Hearing. I can warmly recommend him as one of the most patient and caring audiologists.

He spent lots of time explaining my hearing loss, the type of hearing aids best suited for me, how to use them, care for them and over several appointments making sure I was happy with my hearing wearing the aids.”

Susan – Stapleford – CB22

New World of Hearing

Oct 2016

I chanced upon angliEAR Hearing through an ad in the local paper. How lucky it was as I had no expectations at all. Then I met Trevor who really knew what he was about and carefully guided me through the process of of wearing hearing aids for the first time. There was never any feeling of being oversold and now I am ecstatic that I have taken the plunge and opened up a whole new world of hearing.

Thanks Trevor

Elizabeth – Swaston – CB24

Sympathy & Understanding

Oct 2016

angliEAR Hearing uses the most advanced modern technology to assess an individual’s hearing weakness in a variety of situations. Trevor Chapman then
guides each patient through possible remedies with sympathy and understanding.Once a suitable aid has been identified, he arranges and
introduction to its use in progressive stages until an optimum is reached.

There is no sales pressure. Costs are competitive – I made sure of that!

Michael – Stapleford – CB22

Exceptional Audiologist

Sep 2016

It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial for Trevor who is an exceptional Audiologist in every way. He is a consummate professional, with a wide and detailed technical knowledge and understanding, he listens patiently and takes the necessary time to explain everything clearly to the client. Trevor has superb communication skills and is able to tune the hearing aid to deliver a perfect result.

All this without even one gram of pressure selling.

Warren – Cambridge – CB1

Thanking you for the professional service

Aug 2016

Thanking you for the professional service you gave me on my hearing problem, as you know that I had other professional advice on my Hearing problem, but you gave me the hearing aids and the professional service that I was very pleased with, and again thank you for that.

Kind Regards

Peter – Sawston – CB22

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