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The possible link between earwax and food

Did you know that some foods may cause earwax build-up? 

  1. Gluten – a type of protein mostly found in wheat, gluten is also found in foods that are made with barley and rye. Eating excess amounts of gluten can lead to more production of earwax 
  2. Dairy Products – the lactose found in dairy products can also cause more earwax to be produced, especially if you are lactose intolerant 
  3. Sodium – too much salt or sodium in your diet can lead to more earwax. Salt or sodium can also cause high blood pressure, which affects the blood flow to your ears and increases earwax production 
  4. Caffeine – mostly found in coffee, tea, and energy drinks, caffeine is among the top of the list of foods that produces more earwax
  5. Sugar – the glucose found in sugar can cause more earwax in your ear canal. Studies have also shown that people with diabetes have a 30% higher chance of experiencing hearing issues 
  6. Soy – a type of legume often used as a substitute for meat or dairy, consuming too much soy or soy products (tofu, soy nuts, soy sauce) can lead to more earwax production  

Remember: Never put anything in your ears to try and remove ear wax. It’s dangerous to insert small sharp objects into your ears and can also make problems with build-up worse as the wax gets pushed further into your ear canal.

If the wax in your ear is causing you hearing issues, find out more about our safe earwax removal services visit our Earwax Removal page.

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