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Hearing Aid Fitting

Using the evidence-based results from your tests, we will suggest the most suitable hearing solution for your needs. We’ll give you 30 days to test the hearing aid and make a final decision – but to guarantee you’re getting the most out of your devices in that time, we fit and calibrate them up front. You’ll begin rehearing all kinds of sounds, but please expect a period of readjustment or acclimatisation.

What happens during a fitting appointment?

The fitting appointment takes about one and a half hours. We will program your new hearing aids to your prescription, then fit them to your ears. We use data and expertise to verify that the volume or pitch produced by your hearing aids is stimulating your brain correctly.

We take great care in showing you all the parts of your device, explaining how to keep them clean, change the batteries and wear them correctly.

Weekly follow-up appointments for a month

During the free 30-day trial, we will see you for weekly check-ups. Your hearing is important to us, and we never want you to feel rushed or abandoned. We are experts in the science behind your hearing difficulties and will ensure the hearing aids are correctly adjusted for you. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions that may come up following your use of the devices.

A fitting appointment and your future hearing happiness all starts with an initial assessment.