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Preparing for Earwax Treatment

As soon as you notice problematic earwax, we’d recommend a medical-grade olive oil. It’s gentle on the skin and helps to soften the earwax, without causing the dryness, itchiness, flaky skin or irritation that can be experienced with other chemical solutions.

In the lead-up to your appointment, we’d encourage patients to apply olive oil twice a day for a few days. This should be sufficient to soften the wax, aiding the safe removal of the blockage. Milder symptoms may be alleviated by olive oil alone. We recommend Earol, which features an easy-to-use applicator. We can provide this, should you need it.

There are a number of at-home earwax treatments that we do not advise trying yourself. You can find more in-depth information on this in our blog post.

Did you know we offer emergency appointments?

If you would like to book an emergency appointment, please make sure that you have been putting olive oil in your ears twice a day for a few days before coming to see us. Without this, the wax may be too hard, and we may not be able to treat your problem. Please allow approximately 45 minutes for the appointment.