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The FREE Vestibular & Balance Health Check

What is a Vestibular and Balance Health Check?

At angli-EAR Hearing within our Vestibular and Balance Service we offer a FREE Vestibular & Balance Health Check to individuals suffering from problems with vertigo, dizziness, or imbalance. This appointment provides you with an opportunity to briefly discuss your symptoms with our vestibular physiotherapist and receive some recommendations regarding further assessment and management. And all at absolutely no cost to you.

Why get checked out?

Vestibular and balance disorders are common, and many people are living with symptoms of vertigo, dizziness and/or imbalance without knowing that there is help available. Thankfully many of these disorders can be effectively managed with an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. angli-EAR Hearing is one of the only multidisciplinary clinics outside London to offer both the assessment and treatment for vestibular and balance disorders. Organising an appointment through our Vestibular and Balance Service could be the next important step towards you returning to a stable and balanced life.

What happens in the appointment?

The FREE Vestibular & Balance Health Check is a 15-minute appointment which can be carried out via phone or video call, or face-to-face within our clinic at Great Shelford. The appointment allows you time to discuss your symptoms with our physiotherapist who will then provide you with some information and recommendations regarding your presentation. This may include suggestions regarding seeking further investigations or specialist review.

Alternatively, it may be something that we are able to help you with, in which case a more thorough Initial Vestibular & Balance Appointment will be recommended where both a thorough assessment and tailored treatment plan will be provided. In some instances, only one or two appointments may be required to completely resolve your symptoms.

How do I book an appointment?

If you are interested in finding out the cause of your vertigo, dizziness or imbalance, as well as how to effectively manage it, you can organise your FREE Vestibular & Balance Health Check by contacting our clinic (via phone: 01223 661 399 or email: [email protected]) or book online

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