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Symptoms of Vestibular and Balance Problems

There are many different symptoms which can be experienced when a person is suffering from an issue with their vestibular system. These symptoms can often also be challenging for people to describe. Common sensations reported include:

–           Vertigo (“the room or environment spinning or moving”)

–           Dizziness (“feeling giddy, foggy, fuzzy, woozy, heavy headed”)

–           Light headedness/feeling faint

–           Unsteadiness/imbalance and falls

–           Nausea and Vomiting

–           Visual problems

–           Auditory problems (hearing loss, tinnitus, fullness in the ear)

–           Headache and Migraine

–           Neck and back problems

–           Concentration difficulties

–           Sleeping difficulties

–           Psychological distress

Some of these symptoms are primary and caused directly by the vestibular problem. Others are secondary, for example some people report an increase in neck pain, which can often actually arise due to the individual restricting head movement whilst trying to avoid triggering their vertigo or dizziness.

Due to these symptoms, many people find it challenging to complete their usual daily activities, work, or participate in social or leisure pursuits as they previously would. This often has a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Thankfully many of these symptoms can be managed effectively once the cause has been identified and a tailored treatment plan is implemented.

Seeking an assessment from angli-EAR Hearing will assist you in determining the cause of your symptoms and identifying the best pathway forwards regarding self-management and restoring your quality of life.


We offer assessments and management treatments as a part of our services. You can read about our vestibular and balance services here.