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What happens at a Lyric appointment?

Phonak Lyric is the world’s first 100% invisible hearing aid that gives 24/7 better hearing, tinnitus relief, no batteries or fiddly bits to change, with a flexible and unique subscription model.

So, what can you expect on your Lyric journey with us? We have five easy steps…

1.Book online (or call us on 01223 661399 to book) a 90-minute Lyric Full Hearing and Suitability Assessment with one of our highly experienced audiology team. They will check your hearing and determine whether Lyric is a suitable solution for you.

(If you are suffering from ear wax it will need to be removed before we can assess your suitability for Lyric. We offer a free 15-minute Ear Health Check to check for ear wax and your overall ear health. If needed, we can book you in for an Ear Wax Removal appointment to gently, and effectively, remove any wax).

2. If Lyric is a hearing solution for you and you wish to proceed, Lyric can be fitted at your assessment. The fitting process begins with our audiologist gently measuring your ear canal to ensure they select the right size for your ears. The audiologist will then insert a demo Lyric device to confirm these measurements. This measuring and sizing process is a consultative process and the audiologist will explain what they are doing and what you might feel and hear. With supervision from the audiologist, you will be helped to remove the Lyric device should you need to away from the clinic. Insertion and removal of the Lyric device is easy and painless.

3. During your fitting appointment the audiologist will discuss a convenient time to call you to find out how you are getting on with the new device, they will also answer any questions that may have arisen since your fitting.

4. Your first Follow-Up: A week after your fitting you will be required to come back to the clinic for a first follow-up. During this appointment we will check the placement of your Lyric device(s) and ensure that there is no irritation. To do this we will remove the device, check your ear canal and ear health and then replace the device. We’ll discuss with you your experience with Lyric so far and once again confirm this is the right solution for you.

5. Your next Follow-Up: This appointment, normally at the 3-4 week mark, is an additional opportunity for us to check your ear health and answer any questions you may have.

If your trial is successful and you are happy to proceed, we will replace your Lyric with a new device. You’ll be invited back to the clinic every 6-9 weeks to replace your Lyric and perform an Ear Health Check as part of the Subscription service. We will always try our best to book you in with the same audiologist throughout your journey, ensuring we can replace the Lyric device on schedule and check your ear health will be our priority.

A Lyric subscription is for 12-months, starting from the date of fitting. If you decide at this point that Lyric is not the solution for you, or if your audiologist recommends you may benefit from an alternative hearing solution, then we can discuss your options.  Your subscription will be cancelled and your first month’s payment for the trial period refunded.

To find out if Lyric is the solution for you, book your assessment here

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