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First cochlear implant by angli-EAR Hearing

Cochlear Implant in Cambridge

We are celebrating success here in the clinic, as we have performed our first independent cochlear implant! Our client, Diane from Bury St Edmunds, now has clear hearing again!

What is a cochlear implant? Well, it’s a surgically implanted device that provides the sense of sound to clients who have moderate to profound (significant) hearing loss and beyond the benefit of conventional hearing aids. The implant works by bypassing the normal acoustic hearing process and replacing it with electrical signals directly to the cochlear (inner ear) to stimulate the auditory nerve to the brain.

We are privileged to be the first clinic in the UK to provide the new Marvel Advanced Bionics cochlear implant to an adult. The new advanced benefits of the device includes reducing background noise in noisy environments, as well as audio streaming capabilities, allowing the wearer to stream music and phone calls directly to the cochlear implant using a mobile app.

Mr James Tysome, Consultant ENT Surgeon at Cambridge Spire Hospital, performed the surgery in hospital and our audiology team switched her cochlear implant on at the angli-EAR clinic. Our team of professionals will now provide Diane with an auditory rehab and therapy program to assist her with getting used to the new sound.

Diane is over the moon with her new sense of hearing: “I am so delighted with the team at angli-EAR Hearing for their support and expertise in restoring my hearing. The procedure was simple and painless and the difference it has made to my life is amazing. I can now hear the things many people take for granted, such as bird song, re-join conversations and reconnect with family and friends. It truly is a life changing procedure, and I cannot thank angli-EAR Hearing enough.”

angli-EAR Hearing plans to help as many clients who want to get cochlear implants independently as we can, and we are looking to assist the NHS with any overflow cases.

For more information and to book an initial appointment for a Cochlear Implant, please call 01223 661399.