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Case Study: Jack’s Journey to Better Hearing and Family Connections

We love understanding the reasons behind why our clients seek help with their hearing and what motivates them to take action.

Recently, one of our audiologists, Samuel, had a visit from Jack, a construction worker in his twenties, for a Full Diagnostic Hearing Assessment. While this isn’t unusual by any means, Samuel was taken aback by the reasons for Jack’s visit to the clinic.

Jack had unfortunately been in a minor car accident. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the accident was caused by Jack’s inability to hear very well on one side. Additionally, Jack’s brother and sister-in-law had recently had a baby, and they were worried about Jack’s ability to safely look after his new nephew. Not only in the car, but also would he hear his nephew cry or be aware of potential hazards? This was a major motivator for Jack to address his hearing issues. Family means everything to Jack, and he wanted to spend quality time with his new nephew.

Samuel fitted Jack with Starkey Evolv hearing aids, innovative rechargeable hearing devices that sit comfortably in Jack’s ear canals and adjust automatically to the listening environment they are in—reducing background noise and zoning in on the person speaking (or baby crying!).

On a follow-up visit, Samuel was delighted to hear how these hearing aids have had a life-enhancing effect for Jack. He can now safely look after his nephew, and he’s more confident at work, communicating with his team on a noisy construction site—which ensures his and everyone else’s safety even further.

Samuel is really pleased that he’s been able to help. “Jack not only loves his new hearing aids, but also loves the confidence he’s gained from them. But above all, he’s over the moon with his newest and greatest connection…to his nephew.”