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Why should I come to an independent clinic, such as yourselves, instead of a national company?


As an independent clinic we are not tied in to any commitments to any suppliers and we are not pwned by any supplier and therefore can give you the best impartial advice on the most suitable hearing solution for you. Below is a quote from a recent Which? survey.

"Independent audiologists have been given 5 stars across the board in the Which? “Buying a hearing aid” survey. With a customer score of 84%, independent audiologists were praised for their products and pricing, staff and service, and arrangements and facilities. The major chains did not fare as well, with the highest rated at 5% lower than the independent sector. Independents were also the only businesses who scored 5 stars in all of the rated categories ‘products and pricing’, ‘staff and service’, and ‘arrangements and facilities’.
Which? also concluded that on average, privately purchased hearing aids were supplied in under a week, whereas the NHS provided their hearing aids in just under a month! In a case study, a Which? member also commented that her NHS hearing aids were amplifying background noise, such as the wind whistling. On visiting her local independent audiologist, she was able make a huge difference to her life by having the correct hearing aids programmed and fitted.
The Which? survey stated that independent businesses got five stars for their staff and service."

Do I need a referral from my GP to have my ear wax removed


No, you do not need a referral from your GP to have your ear wax removed. We will ask you a comprehensive history to ensure that ear wax removal can be preformed safely.

Do I need a referral from my GP to have a hearing test?


No, it is not necessary to obtain a GP referral to have your hearing tested. With your approval we can provide a copy of your assessment to your GP for their records.

How much do you charge for a hearing assessment?


We do not charge* for our normal Hearing Assessments.

* charges may apply for the following hearing assessments

  • Pre- and Post- employment hearing assessments 
  • Industrial hearing loss assessments


How long will the Hearing assessment take?


At angliEAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions we want to ensure we understand your hearing concerns fully before making any recommendations regarding hearing devices.  Our Hearing Assessments are scheduled for 90 minutes so that we have plenty of time to sit with you and discuss your individual hearing needs and to complete a comprehensive hearing assessment.  We will then be able to discuss the most appropriate options for you based on your results and hearing needs.

Can I trial hearing aids first to make sure I am happy with them?


Yes.  We give you a FREE 30-day trial to make sure that you are happy with your hearing aids in all the situations you need them for.  If during this time you find they are not suitable for your needs we will happily try a different make or model to find the right set for you.

We will take a photocopy of your driver’s licence and credit card at the beginning of your trial and you will be asked to sign a form confirming that you understand that you are responsible for the loss or damage of the hearing aids for the duration of the trial.  At the completion of the trial we will schedule an appointment to see you and if you are happy with your chosen hearing aids then you will be asked to complete payment at this time.

Are there other options apart from Hearing Aids?


Yes.  There are a number of assistive listening devices that may also be considered for you.  If you only need help with the TV for example, then we may recommend a TV headset to solve the problem of the TV being too loud for others.  If hearing the phone ring or conversation on the phone is the only issue then we have a number of amplified telephones that may suit your needs. Other devices are available to help with hearing in specific situations, however if you find that you have difficulty hearing in a number of different situations then a hearing aid is probably the best option for you.

Do you make custom ear plugs?


Yes. We can make custom ear plugs for musicians, swimming, sleeping and for those who are exposed to constant loud noise. These required an appointment to have an ear impression to be taken so that the ear plugs are a comfortable and accurate fit. Please contact us for more details on options and pricing.

Do you do after hours appointments or home visits?


Yes.  We are able to accommodate appointments outside of normal business hours. We are also able to come to your home if you are unable to attend an appointment at our clinic or feel more comfortable being seen in your own home.  Please contact us for more information on these services.

Can I see you if I have hearing aids from someone else?


Yes, we are more than happy reassess your hearing needs even if you have hearing aids supplied by another company.


Sympathy & Understanding

"angliEAR uses the most advanced modern technology to assess an individual’s hearing weakness in a variety of situations. Trevor Chapman then guides each patient through possible remedies with sympathy and understanding.Once a suitable aid has been identified, he arranges and introduction to its use in progressive stages until an optimum is reached.

There is no sales pressure. Costs are competitive – I made sure of that!"

Michael - Stapleford. CB22

5th October 2016

Professional Service

"Dear Trevor,
Thanking you for the professional service you gave me on my hearing problem, as you know that I had other professional advice on my Hearing problem, but you gave me the hearing aids and the professional service that I was very pleased with, and again thank you for that.

Kind Regards


24 August 2016

Exceptional Audiologist

“It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial for Trevor who is an exceptional Audiologist in every way. He is a consummate professional, with a wide and detailed technical knowledge and understanding, he listens patiently and takes the necessary time to explain everything clearly to the client. Trevor has superb communication skills and is able to tune the hearing aid to deliver a perfect result. All this without even one gram of pressure selling."


8 September 2016

New World of Hearing

“I chanced upon angliEAR Hearing through an ad in the local paper. How lucky it was as I had no expectations at all. Then I met Trevor who really knew what he was about and carefully guided me through the process of of wearing hearing aids for the first time. There was never any feeling of being oversold and now I am ecstatic that I have taken the plunge and opened up a whole new world of hearing.
Thanks Trevor"


17 October 2016


Patient & Caring

"I have just finished trialling a Hearing aid, then purchasing them from Trevor at angliEAR Hearing. I can warmly recommend him as one of the most patient and caring audiologists.

He spent lots of time explaining my hearing loss, the type of hearing aids best suited for me, how to use them, care for them and over several appointments making sure I was happy with my hearing wearing the aids."


4 November 2016


Over 6 weeks of ear pain, headaches, ear blockage, hearing loss, tinnitus, not being able to think straight and having my sleep affected... And having been messed around and kept waiting by my GP surgery, all changed and alleviated by angliEAR Hearing today, in one day! I'm soooo grateful! I called this morning and spoke to Sarah the lovely receptionist, who was really understanding and supportive hearing my tale of woe. Thankfully Trevor managed to fit me in today and successfully remove the ear wax that was causing most of the problems. What a relief! And what a difference to be properly listened to and carefully and professionally treated, by caring, knowledgeable staff in a nice environment.
I'm going back next week for a hearing test and to see what can be done for my tinnitus.

I have no hesitation in recommending angliEAR Hearing for your ear troubles.
Thank you so much Trevor and Sarah for alleviating my suffering. Who knew ear wax could be so troublesome?!

And meeting Teddy (the gorgeous office Golden Retriever puppy) was a happy, welcome bonus! 🙂

Saheera - Ely. CB6

9 December 2016

Very professional and friendly staff

I called up on a Friday morning around 9:30, the staff had to leave early that day for a conference. However they said they would squeeze me in just before they closed for the day. I'd liked to say a massive thank you for the amazing service and treatment. From start to finish the service was faultless and everything was explained in great detail which was a great reassurance, dare i say far beyond anything I've experienced at a GP level.
Thanks guys and all the best for the future of your business.

Craig - St Ives. PE27

9 December 2016

Exceptional Experience

I don't normally leave reviews - good or bad - but my experience today was exceptional. Thank you so much for your warm welcome - Teddy was an added bonus - the excellent service and the complete removal of my ear wax! I will be back next time it needs doing and you would also be my first port of call for any other hearing problems in the future. Thanks again.

Sue - Shelford. CB22

28 December 2016

Hearing aid has exceeded my expectations

I decided to visit angliEar because they had been recommended to me and when I read reviews on the internet they were all incredibly positive. I have suffered with hearing difficulties for some time and wanted to have clear and straightforward advice about the options. Trevor's qualifications were exemplary and he was very easy to talk to and was patient and dedicated to finding the best personal option for me. I saw him on a weekly basis for a month having been given a hearing aid to trial for this period free of charge. My daughter took me to every appointment and he was very accommodating and welcoming. The hearing aid has exceeded my expectations and I now even need to ask my daughter to speak more quietly! After the trial period I decided to go ahead with the purchase and I haven't looked back. I enjoy gatherings with numerous people and can hear everything they are saying even in a noisy setting. I have a strong family network so have not joined any local support groups but I know that Trevor is very involved with educating the local community. I would totally recommend angliEAR and wish Trevor and his team all the best for the future.

Judith - Sawston. CB22

27 March 2017

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