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Hearing Aids Essentials: “How To” Videos for Starkey Hearing Aids

Are you looking for helpful resources to maximise the performance of your Starkey hearing aids? 

Well, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide to “How To” videos that cover everything from cleaning and caring for your devices to mastering advanced features. (More manufacturer “How To Guides” to follow, watch this space!)

How to Find “How To” Videos

To access a treasure trove of instructional videos, head over to the Starkey website’s support section. There, you’ll discover a series of informative tutorials designed to help you in your hearing aid journey. Simply follow this link to explore: Starkey How-To Videos.

What You’ll Find

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Learn the ins and outs of cleaning and caring for your Starkey hearing aids to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Discover techniques for changing wax filters and domes with ease, keeping your devices in top condition.
  • Operation and Functionality: Dive into detailed guides on operating your Starkey hearing aids effectively. Whether you’re adjusting volume settings, exploring different programme options, or troubleshooting common issues, these videos offer valuable insights.
  • Accessories and Apps: Explore the full potential of your hearing aids by mastering the use of accessories and accompanying apps. From understanding the features of the Thrive Hearing Control app to get the best from its features, these tutorials provide step-by-step instructions.

Thrive Hearing Control App Videos

In addition to basic operation, the Thrive Hearing Control app offers a wealth of features to enhance your hearing experience. Follow this link to unlock the full potential of the Thrive app: Thrive Hearing Control How-To Videos.

Easy Access Help and Advice

Armed with these invaluable resources, you’ll be equipped to navigate your Starkey hearing aid journey with confidence and expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the world of hearing aids, “How To” videos offer valuable support every step of the way. 

Stay Tuned for More

Be sure to bookmark these links for easy access whenever you need guidance or inspiration. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and insights to help you unlock the full potential of your Starkey hearing aids.

And remember, our team at angli-EAR Hearing is always here to support you on your hearing wellbeing journey. If there is any process that you would like help on then our audiology team can help record a short video for you to refer to.

If you would like to find out more about Starkey Hearing Aids then please contact us or book an appointment online with one of our friendly audiologists.

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