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We've hidden a Phonak Lyric on our website. If you find it, email us to claim a voucher for a Lyric hearing and suitability assessment!

Free Hearing Aid Trial

Our FREE 30-day, no-obligation trial allows you to try your new hearing aids for an extended period of time.

30 day no-obligation hearing aid trial*

Try our hearing aids for four weeks – FREE!

Order with a 10% deposit and, if you change your mind for any reason, we’ll refund your money, minus a hygiene fee* for any personalised items.

During the trial period, we offer weekly appointments, to ensure your progress is positive and that your brain is responding the way it needs to. We’ll work with you to make sure the hearing aids are correctly adjusted for your lifestyle and needs.

*Non-refundable hygiene fee, applicable as soon as impressions are taken:

  • £25 per receiver/dome combination (after fitting, if personalised)
  • £40 per slim tip (acrylic or silicone)
  • £50 per ear mould (acrylic or silicone)
  • £100 per shell (acrylic or silicone)

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