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Hearing aid fitting appointment

Using the evidence-based results from the hearing tests, we will suggest the most suitable hearing solution for your needs. The Fitting Appointment is where the fun begins, as you are about to start hearing things that you haven’t heard for a while. You will need a period of time for readjustment or acclimatisation.
Hearing aid-fitting Discussion


What happens during a fitting appointment?

The fitting appointment takes about 1.5 hours. During this appointment, we will program your new hearing aids to your prescription and will fit these to your ears. We use best practice to verify that the sounds (volume or pitch) coming from your hearing aids are what your brain needs.

We will take great care in showing you all the parts of your device and explaining how to keep them clean, change the batteries etc. and how to wear them correctly.

Weekly follow up appointments during the first month

After the initial hearing tests, we will fit you with a suitable hearing aid and then see you for weekly appointments during Free 30 day, no obligation trial. Your hearing is important to us and we never want you to feel rushed, we are experts in the science behind your hearing difficulties and will ensure the hearing aids are correctly adjusted for you.

We want you to be happy with your new hearing aids.


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