£797.65 raised from your donations for charity! | angli-EAR hearing

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£797.65 raised from your donations for charity!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our Run Down Dementia appeal and the donation boxes on our reception.

On Friday we sent the cash donation from Run Down Dementia appeal to Alzheimer’s Research UK, a total of £236.00 and we received a lovely email in return:

Dear Sarah & Teddy,

Thank you so much for your donations of £236.00 to Alzheimer’s Research UK. Hope you both enjoyed the RDD 2020 event!

You’re now helping scientists to discover more about this terrible condition – and getting us all closer to finding a life-changing breakthrough in dementia research.

Research has already helped millions of people recover from cancer and heart disease, and through research, we can make the same progress for people with dementia too.

Thank you again.

Nicky Tyler

Supporter Care

We have also counted up the donations from the boxes on reception and, thanks to you, raised the following:

British Tinnitus Association          £73.00

Alzheimer’s Society                         £354.62

Meniere’s Society                            £134.03

That’s a grand total of £797.65!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our Running Down Dementia running challenge or popped a donation in the collection boxes for these very worthy charities, it is very much appreciated.

~Sarah and The Team (human and canine) at angli-EAR Hearing