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Our COVID procedures remain unchanged.

Since the pandemic started, we have all been expected to wear masks in public spaces as part of the government regulations. As a result of the vaccination roll-out, the Government made the requirement for wearing face masks in public optional from 19th July.

Our priority has always been to ensure we take measures to protect our clients and staff. We have provided more than 10,000 masks since we re-opened and gallons of hand sanitisers in our effort to provide a COVID secure environment.

To date, we have not yet had updated information from our governing bodies or the Government. Our procedures remain the same but we will provide a further update should anything change.

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Doggy Day School

Still furrrrloughed, Teddy and Buddy played an important role helping local City and Guilds students pass their level 2 exams, allowing them to move onto their level 3 studies.

We have been regularly using the services of a fantastic groomer called Elliott at Patch & Paws in Shelford to keep the boys looking their very best. Elliott is also a lecturer at the College of West Anglia in Milton where he teaches City and Guilds qualifications to the dog groomers of the future.

The students apparently love Golden Retrievers, so we decided to test this love (and their handling of exuberant canines!) by sending along our very own Teddy and Buddy. The boys had recently returned from ‘Doggy Ibiza’ aka as Catherine Adams Pet Sitting near Ely, where they go when us humans go away. If how smelly and exhausted they are upon our return is a reflection of their fun levels – then they rate it 100%!

The ‘classroom’ is set up as a dog grooming salon to really help the students practise for real in a professional setting. On seeing Elliot, the boys knew they were in for a fun day and as always trot off with him, without a care in the world.

We returned to collect them at the end of the day, exhausted but smelling like a rose garden. They had clearly had a lovely day and I am sure they would be very proud to know, that despite not being able to come into the clinic, they are still able to help people.

They have since had a return invite, so they were either great practice as they were sooooo dirty or they were good models…or both. Either way we were so pleased they were invited and very grateful for how well they are looked afterwards. Thanks Elliot!

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