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Hearing Aids are Brain Aids

Our goal at angli-EAR Hearing is to be able to help you ‘HEAR YOUR LIFE’, after all that’s why you’ll come to see us. You may be struggling with hearing a loved one, or tired of asking others to repeat themselves all the time, or tired of trying to keep up in a conversation but feel that you’re falling behind.

At a recent ENT Masterclass which we attended at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Prof Gerard O’Donoghue MB, ChB, FRCSI, FRCS, MCh, BAO likened hearing aids to brain aids as it is the function of the brain that is being treated. His focus is that Hearing Care IS Brain Care.

Prof Gerard O’Donoghue is Professor of Otology and Neurotology at the University of Nottingham and Consultant Neuro-Otologist at Queen’s Medical Centre.

As such we would like to try and move away from the term ‘hearing aids’ as this isn’t a fair description of what these instruments are designed for. Yes, there may be some hearing loss caused by damage to your hearing pathway (the journey the sounds take from your outer ear to your brain), but it’s the brain that hears for us. The ear simply transmits the sound to the brain.

I would propose to call hearing aids ‘BRAIN AIDS’ as it’s the function of hearing within our brains that we are going to be treating with these ‘hearing aids’.

Brain aids (or hearing aids) are designed to give you back the sounds that your damaged hearing is missing. This is done by providing volume and/or clarity where needed. A prescription is made from your hearing loss and the technology level is determined from your hearing ability. These two elements are the cornerstones of a successful hearing solution.

Read more about how we prescribe and fit you with a suitable hearing aid and contact us to book an appointment to get a new hearing aid in a matter of days.

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