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After many weeks of uncertainty in an upside-down world, we are pleased to announce that angli-EAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions will re-open for face to face appointments from May 18th 2020. Read more here

Running Down Dementia

This update is written by our clinic’s Head of Customer Service, Fundraising and Corporate Responsibility, Teddy T Dog.

Hello everyone,

I’d like to take this opportunity, in my capacity as Head of Fundraising, to announce that angli-EAR Hearing is taking part in Dementia Action Week between May 20th and May 26th.  As part of this, I have talked Sarah into a very special challenge! We’ll be running 600km between us by the end of August as part of the Alzheimer Society’s “Running Down Dementia” national campaign.

This campaign is important to us as there is a proven link between hearing loss and dementia risk.

Sarah has accepted the challenge and so I’ve set up a fundraising page for us both and we’d really appreciate your donations please to encourage us along:

You can choose to sponsor either Sarah, or me.  I am determined to raise more money than Sarah and have set up my own Fundraising Control Centre in Ted’s Corner at the clinic. Sarah has responded to my gauntlet throw down, by putting her own (not so creative if I do say so myself) fundraising tracking chart in HER corner. So, we’ll see.

Running dementia fundraising


But whomever you sponsor, it’ll all go to the Team angli-EAR Hearing total to raise much needed funds for a very good cause (but I’d like to win ideally).

Find out more about or follow #RunningDownDementia on social media. We’ll be posting regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you and watch this space!

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