Sarah knits a solution! | angli-EAR hearing

We’d like to reassure all our wonderful clients that we will remain open during lockdown as we are classed as an essential service.

We have very stringent Covid-19 procedures for the safety of both clients and our staff. For the full, updated list of measures, read more here

Sarah knits a solution!

The space behind all of our ears is limited at the best of times. If you wear glasses, add a hearing aid, then along comes the need to wear a face mask and the space behind our ears is further squeezed to an uncomfortable irritation breaking point.

Sarah had noticed this issue with people visiting the clinic and decided to use her newly exercised knitting fingers to help solve the problem. In her spare time, she’s been knitting bands to attach to face masks so that they don’t interfere with glasses and hearing aid positioning.

If you would like one of the bands please drop us an email and Sarah can get knitting. There are no charge for these for our hearing aid clients, but if you know someone who would like one and you have knitting abilities here’s the link to the pattern

Happy knitting!


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