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Sarah’s lockdown knit-athon!

I am sure that during the lockdown people have found things out about themselves and of others that didn’t know.

The Chapman household has also had such a discovery – knitting.

The additional time has meant new hobbies been discovered, as well as hobbies you don’t have time to do. During the lockdown, Sarah dusted off her knitting needles (which Trevor didn’t even know she had) and started knitting baby blankets, cardigans and dungarees for premature babies.

Much of the previous few weeks has been Sarah knitting and Trevor being so surprised at Sarah’s ability to produce an item from a couple of sticks and some wool.

Sarah also taught Trevor’s daughter to knit and so they have both taken up the knitting challenge for The Warm Baby Project, a challenge we hope to support in the future, although hopefully not in another lockdown situation!

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