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Signs your child may have a hearing problem

While the signs of hearing loss may not always be obvious, modern technology can help diagnose and treat a child so that the condition doesn’t define their life.

Visiting an audiologist for a hearing test is a good place to start, but what are the signs you should look out for that mean your child would benefit from a hearing assessment?

Fluctuating Responses

If you feel that it takes several attempts for you to call your child before they respond to you or that they don’t seem to hear everything that you’re saying, they may need to have a hearing test. (This may also be down to children’s stubborn behaviour but it may not always be the case!)

Slow Speech Development

Children learn to speak by listening to others so if you feel that you child’s speech development is slow or slurred, a hearing test should confirm or rule out any hearing loss. With the appropriate treatment, a child’s hearing can improve and enable them to develop their communication skills as they grow.

Your Child Seems Like They’re Not Paying Attention

If your child doesn’t respond to you very quickly or gives odd answers to your questions, hearing loss may be causing the problem. It can be difficult to determine your child’s health based on their communication and mood so a hearing assessment may help pick up any issues that may have previously been missed.

They’re Struggling In School or Have Trouble Following Direction

Children with hearing loss often lose their confidence or the ability to hear well enough in class to learn topics usually expected for someone of their age. Occasionally, this could be due to a learning disability but as some children lack the confidence to ask teachers to repeat themselves, it may be that hearing loss is affecting their performance and academic achievements.

Research shows that correctly fitted hearing aids with the appropriate after-care and support can boost school performance in children who have hearing loss. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s hearing after 5 years of age, please get in touch with us to arrange an appointment. We provide a relaxed environment and our testing and treatments are tailored to suit all ages.

If you have concerns about your child’s developmental milestones before the age of 5 years old, please get in touch with your GP.

Did you know? An estimated 15% of children and teens have some degree of loss – of these, 60% are preventable.

Find out more about our audiology services for children, or call us on 01223 661399.

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