Teddy and Buddy Times - Dec 2020 | angli-EAR hearing

We’d like to reassure all our wonderful clients that we will remain open during lockdown as we are classed as an essential service.

We have very stringent Covid-19 procedures for the safety of both clients and our staff. For the full, updated list of measures, read more here

Teddy and Buddy Times – Dec 2020

Update from Teddy, currently on fuuuuurlough with his exuberant pal, Buddy

We has been promoted to managing the home office. It means we can’t come into the office as our priorities lie elsewhere.

Our main duties involve patrolling the perimeter of the back garden for pesky squirrels and pigeons. We is also in charge of time keeping providing everyone wants to do everything around our breakfast (approximately 7-8am) and dinner (from whenever breakfast finishes and before 7pm) We see people off to work and ensure our ooman brother and sister attends oonerversity lectures on the TV.

We miss all of friends that come into the office to see us and we understand we have a bigger office so many more people can come for a cuddle, but our priorities remain at the home office for the time being. Mummy says we should be back in the office once we have a vaccine – but I don’t feel ill so I’m hoping I’m not getting the dog-jection.

~Teddy G. Retriever

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