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After many weeks of uncertainty in an upside-down world, we are pleased to announce that angli-EAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions will re-open for face to face appointments from May 18th 2020. Read more here

Teddy times

Following on from the GDPR letters we sent out, we have come to realise this section of the Newsletter is very important, so we thought we’d do a bumper edition of Teddy News.

Teddy’s PAT training continues to go well. He is getting much better at not jumping but continues to struggle walking on a loose lead – he’s fine until he sees someone or something and then he just can’t contain his excitement. He continues to love running with Sarah and when he sees she has her running kit on he’s so excited he does turns in the hallway. He is now a regular at Littleport parkrun and held the course record for at least a week – mainly due to the fact it was the first dog to run the first event. But he took the glory non the less. His favorite part of parkrun is the finish, as everyone cheers him across the finish line. I said his favorite, not his fastest part, as accepting the adulation does often slow him down as he tends to run to the people cheering rather than the finish line.


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