The Which? Report For Independent Audiologists

After many weeks of uncertainty in an upside-down world, we are pleased to announce that angli-EAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions will re-open for face to face appointments from May 18th 2020. Read more here

The Which? Report



Independent audiologist have been given 5 stars across the board in the Which? “Buying a hearing aid” survey. With a customer score of 84%, independent audiologists were [raised for their products and pricing, staff and service, and arrangements and facilities. The major chains did fare as well, with the highest rated as 5% lower than the independent sector. Independents were also the only businesses who scored 5 stars in all of the rated categories ‘product and pricing’, ‘staff and service’, and ‘arrangements and facilities’.

Which? also concluded that on average, privately purchased hearing aids were supplied in under a week, whereas the NHS provided their hearing aids in just under a month! In a case study, a Which? member also commented that her NHS hearing aids were amplifying background noise, such as wind whistling. On visiting her local independent audiologist, she was able to make a huge difference to her life by having the correct hearing aids programmed and fitted.

The Which? survey stated that independent businesses got 5 stars for the staff and service.

angliEAR Hearing is one such independent clinic. We pride ourselves in our ability to help our clients Hear Your Life. 

Understanding your individual needs and tailoring a hearing solution to suit your lifestyle and budget is our primary goal. We offer all our client s FREE, no obligation, 30-day trial on all our hearing instruments. This gives you the complete piece of mind that the hearing solution we have selected is the right hearing solution for you.

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