Our COVID procedures remain unchanged. Since the pandemic started, we have all been expected to wear masks in public spaces as part of the government regulations. As a result of the vaccination roll-out, the Government made the requirement for wearing face masks in public optional from 19th July. Our priority has always been to ensure we take measures to protect our clients and staff. We have provided more than 10,000 masks since we re-opened and gallons of hand sanitisers in our effort to provide a COVID secure environment. To date, we have not yet had updated information from our governing bodies or the Government. Our procedures remain the same but we will provide a further update should anything change. Read more here.

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Earwax removal

Our expert audiologists are ENT-trained and have a number of ways of tackling troublesome earwax, to ensure your issue is resolved effectively.

If you’re finding earwax to be problematic, following an inspection, we can remove it. Our audiologists are ENT-trained to offer safe, endoscopic earwax treatments. The techniques are as gentle as they are effective, so there’s no need to worry. Once the wax is removed, there is often instant relief from symptoms.

We use professional ear-clearing equipment, such as a Video otoscope, to clear earwax. The consistency of your earwax will determine which of the procedures below we will use. The cost for this service is £80.

Micro suction

Our state-of-the-art video otoscopy equipment is used to directly visualise the earwax whilst it is being removed. Removal is done by way of gentle suction, with a low-pressure suction machine and fine, sterile probe.

Ear irrigation

Ear irrigation replaces the old-fashioned technique of ear syringing, using an irrigation device to remove earwax. With irrigation, we never want to squirt water directly into the ear, as is the case with syringing. The irrigation introduces water into the ear via a specially adapted earpiece, allowing the water to flush the wax out safely.

Earwax extraction

Using the same state-of-the-art video otoscopy equipment to directly visualise the wax in your ear, we can safely remove the build-up with ENT micro-instruments, such as the ear hook or Jobson Horne.

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