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Changes to the angli-EAR Hearing payment system

Important announcement from angli-EAR Hearing

Over the last few years we have added more services to clinic to ensure there are always convenient and affordable ways for our clients to look after their hearing. As a result, we are changing the way we handle payments at angli-EAR Hearing. We are switching from our current provider, TakePayments, to Stripe for three reasons:

– The recent addition of our invisible hearing solution, Lyric, which uses a unique monthly subscription model is supported by Stripe.

– The new payment system integrates with our online booking system

– Clients will have greater visibility online of their hearing journey.

We are introducing the new system gradually so we can answer any queries you may have. You don’t need to do anything at the moment, we will explain the process when you are next in the clinic.

Meanwhile, we’ve put together some FAQs below about our new payment system, how it will work and what it means for you. If you have any questions at all then please do get in touch with us on 01223 661399.

How are angli-EAR changing the payment system?

We are moving our merchant provider from TakePayments to Stripe. Stripe integrates with our booking system – Jane and will make the process for clients managing their accounts much simpler – you will have more visibility of your account and easily manage your card details. As we add new products and services, like Lyric which is based on a subscription and monthly payments, we need an online payment merchant which can support this.

When will the payment change take place? 

This is a big change for our business, and we have an implementation plan for different services. We will start with clients subscribing to Lyric, then add new Premier Plan clients. We will then follow with our Balance and Paediatric services, hearing assessment, wax and then hearing aid purchases. We are doing this as phased approach to give the team chance to get use to the new process and we so that can understand any problems or benefits which we have foreseen in the planning.

Who is Stripe? 

If you’ve made a payment on-line, Stripe may have been the merchant used by the retailer. Stripe is trusted by businesses around the World to manage their payment services. As this is a major change for our businesswe wanted to make sure we had a safe and secure merchant provider that worked for our clients and us.

Which angli-EAR Hearing services will Stripe be used for? 

We have an integration plan for our services and, once completed, Stripe will be available for all our services. However, the exciting thing with Stripe is the new opportunities it offers us. Previously we have been contacted by people to ask if we offer gift vouchers – we have offered this in the past on an ad-hoc basis. Stripe and our online booking system make this possible and is a service we feel will really benefit our clients, their families, and friends.

Are my payments secure? 

Yes. Stripe have been audited and certified as Level 1 service provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry. Stripe encrypts all card details and have infrastructure to ensure stored, decrypted and transmitting numbers are secure. Whilst we or them could never claim to be 100% safe, we feel the safeguards in place and the companies we work with ensure our clients’ data is as precious to us and it is to them.

Are there any hidden fees with Stripe?

No. We display all the costs for our appointments on our website and when you book. If you are ever unsure of the cost of an appointment, please ask and we will be happy to help. This is about making the way you pay us is easier for our clients.

Where do I find where I pay via Stripe?

You don’t need to process anything on Stripe. The integration is through your Jane account (or online booking system). This will have any balances showing as outstanding, but as we take payment after each appointment this shouldn’t happen. The only time a client will have an outstanding balance will be if they are trialling a hearing aid and are within their 30-day trial period. This also means you can settle your account at your own convenience.

What will I need to do? 

Our clients don’t need to do anything now. We will make these changes at your next visit to the clinic, but if this is not possible, we will call you to discuss any changes we need to make.

I already have a subscription with Premier Plan, how will this be affected? 

Nothing will change now. If you have a Premier Plan agreement, we will try our best to move you over at an appointment in the clinic so you can ask any questions you might have with your clinician. Until then payments will continue as normal.

I’m already paying for a hearing aid via finance. How will this new system affect that? 

If you have purchased hearing aids on finance, that agreement is with Novuna Personal Finance (previously known as Hitachi Capital UK Ltd). If you have any queries about this you should contact them directly. We do not have access to these finance agreements as your repayments and agreement is with them.

Will I have to pay for everything up front?

Our standard terms of business have not changed, the only thing that will change is how we take a payment not when.

Will prices increase with this new system?

We have made this change to try and avoid increasing prices by making what we do more efficient, so we can keep offering the great service you appreciate at the same price. It is true that prices have increased in all areas of our business, but we are doing our best to avoid passing these costs onto our clients. Changing our merchant is part of our continual drive for efficiency and first-class customer service.

Can I still pay by cash/card in the Reception? 

These options won’t change. We also accept, cheques and you can send a BACS payment directly to our bank account.

Can I use Stripe to pay for gift cards? 

Gift cards are offered through Jane (our online booking system). Stripe is the online merchant who will process the payment for you. This service isn’t available yet, however we will let you know in future newsletters when we add this option for our clients, please subscribe on our Home Page if you would like to be updated. We don’t send out endless emails and we try to ensure updates are relevant and what you want to know about (we know this includes how Teddy and Buddy are getting on, so there is always an update on their adventures!

If you would like any further information on our payment system changes, then please contact us on 01223 661399