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A Woof-tastic Christmas Message from Teddy and Buddy

Meet the team - angliEAR Hearing

Hello, it’s your furry friend, Teddy here. Buddy and I have got our tails wagging with excitement to share some festive cheer with all our friends at angli-EAR Hearing!

First of all, we’d like to give a big shout out to the amazing team at angli-EAR Hearing. You amazing guys have been pawsome throughout the year, and we appreciate all the love and care you provide to our ooman friends who come (with their ears) to the clinic to visit. And thanks for all the fuss you give us too!

Christmas is here, and it’s the time for spreading warmth, love, and joy. As your loyal canine companions, we’ve been thinking about the perfect way to make your Christmas a little brighter.

At Christmas time, don’t forget the magic of sound. The jingling of sleigh bells (we know when Santa lands on the roof), the carollers singing their hearts out (we bark at them through the letterbox), and the laughter of friends and family (hopefully whilst accidentally dropping tasty morsels off their buffet plates) are all part of the wonderful sounds of Christmas. We know how much these moments mean to our oomans.

At angli-EAR Hearing, the team works really hard to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the beauty of sound. The team are experts in audiology and that is like a Christmas miracle for many. So, we’d like to give a bark of appreciation for the team’s hard work in making the world a better-sounding place. Your dedication to improving their hearing health makes you truly special!

Now, about us! Do you like the photo? Our lovely groomer lady, Jane, from Cottage Grooming took it. And she did it “Ant and Dec” style with Teddy on the left and Buddy on the right. It made us feel really Christmassy.

Christmas means lots of treats and belly rubs, which we absolutely love. We’ve been good boys all year, so we hope Santa will bring us some extra special chew toys and maybe even a new squeaky ball. We like to make lots of noise running about with those. Mummy says though that the squeaky balls aren’t allowed into the clinic though as the noise can make people think they are hearing a tone in their hearing tests and press the button, so we have to wait til we get home to run about with those.

We also love all the Christmas decorations, especially the twinkling lights and decorations on the tree. Our oomans say that the sounds of us chasing after our toys bring a lot of cheer to their hearts, and we’re thrilled to bring that happiness to them and that their ears work really well too.

So, to our friends at angli-EAR Hearing, and to all the wonderful clients, we’d like to say thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with love, laughter, and beautiful sounds. May your days be merry and bright, and your ears nice and wax free (like mine. I had them done at the vet’s the other day. It’s very important to get them checked out regularly whether you are a dog or a ooman).

Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New ‘Ear!

Love from,

Teddy and Buddy xx