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A Woof from Teddy – Help Us Get Trevor Out of the House!

Hello, humans!

Teddy here, the golden retriever “pawdiologist” extraordinaire at angli-EAR Hearing. My brother Buddy and I have a little favour to ask. You see, we love Trevor Chapman, our Lead Audiologist (dog leads have ears??), but lately, he’s been driving us barking mad!

Trevor’s got all these amazing talks about hearing health, and he’s been practicing them at home…and in the clinic…and on walks…and well, A LOT. I mean, I know more about earwax than any dog should!

So, Buddy and I have come up with a plan: We need you to book Trevor for his talks and get him out of the house and clinic so we can get back to thinking about squirrels and sleeping upside down.

Trevor’s Top Talks (The Ones We’ve Heard A Million Times)

  • Why should you address mild hearing loss? The link between hearing loss and dementia (Yep – it’s very important, he’s told us all about it!)
  • What’s that ringing? It could be tinnitus (or the postman at the door?)
  • Waxing on. What is earwax and what can it tell you about your health? (He’s certainly been “waxing on” about that one)
  • Audiologist or brain trainer? The brain’s role in hearing (Brain games for the win if they involve a ball!)
  • Ask the audiologist – Everything you ever wanted to know about hearing but were too afraid to ask! (Ask away, folks! He won’t hold back)
  • Children’s Hearing: The link between hearing, academic performance, and behaviour (Little humans need to get their hearing checked too! So does Buddy)

Why We Need Your Help

Trevor’s talks are “pawesome”, and we think more people should hear them – just not us, not again. He’s been on the radio, where he chats about hearing health and answers questions, and been out to do talks at the WI and Rotary. But when he’s not on the radio or with local community groups, he’s here –  practicing on us!

How You Can Help

Do you know a school, community group, business, or anyone with ears? Trevor would love to come and share his knowledge. His talks are free and super informative, and he can tailor them to suit your needs.

Just drop an email to [email protected] or call 01223 661399.

Here’s What Humans Say About Trevor’s Talks

“I attended the talk and I thought the presentation by Trevor Chapman was excellent. He knows a lot about hearing loss and puts it across very well. He does run a business (as you know) but he didn’t plug this. Please try to get him back to repeat his talk for the benefit of other U3AC members.  We are all at an age when we have some degree of hearing loss.” Member, U3AC

“I have heard so often from local WI members that they recommend Trevor as a speaker at their monthly meetings – his talks are always very entertaining. The members appreciate that his talk is “not a hard sell”!  Our members very much enjoyed his talk. One mentioned that her husband did not use his hearing aid (NHS) and it was driving her mad. At the following meeting she told everyone that Trevor’s was the best talk she had attended and, after an appointment with angli-EAR Hearing, her husband is now using his hearing aid correctly!  

 I personally was so pleased to hear this, as not only has she benefited from the talk, but also so has her husband! If you cannot hear very well, you soon begin to feel isolated, which can have a huge impact on your mental health” Sally Kingman, previous Chairperson of WI East Anglia

“Trevor gave a talk at Ely Hereward Rotary which was very informative and engaging. We learnt how hearing loss, if left untreated, can be a trigger for the onset of dementia and social isolation. Trevor also explained how modern hearing aids are not the “volume raisers” of days gone by, they contain some very clever technology. We were amazed to discover they can hone in on a person speaking whilst reducing unwanted background noise, and even connect to your TV or stream music directly to your ears!  Personable and knowledgeable, we highly recommend booking Trevor for an insightful talk about the fascinating world of audiology.” Ely Hereward Rotary, President and Trustee, Keith Evans

Help Buddy and me reclaim our nap times and get Trevor out spreading his audiology wisdom where it’s needed most. We promise, your ears (and ours) will thank you!

Woof woof,