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Teddy and Buddy’s Christmas Message

Our resident Pawdiologists, Teddy and Buddy, have had a busy year and Teddy asked us to post this special message: 

We have had a lovely December. We have been in to work many more times to see all our friends. We have especially loved all the food we have been given. Alanna was very generous in donating an edible squishy stick to us that she was having for her lunch. Mummy had said those were a French sticks, so we helped ourselves to it while Alanna was looking the other way because we love French. It was so tasty, but did make a big mess which the noisy machine ate from the floor before we managed to get to it to finish it off– greedy machine we found the stick first.

We have also had some lovely walks in our village. On our favourite field, which we don’t normally go on because its soooo muddy when it’s not so warm and I don’t like the muddy paws (Buddy disagrees), we woke up recently and it was very cold and white and the field mud had disappeared. Mummy took a photo so you could see how much fun we had.

Even better, only a few sleeps later, we had a lovely fluffy sky carpet (aka snow) delivered – it was cold on our paws and Mummy said to avoid the yellow patches. We met up with our kennel neighbours and we played and played and played. I love rolling on the sky carpet and it gets stuck to me so I had to have another brush to try and remove it. Mummy was laughing at me because all the sky carpet balls (aka snow balls) made funny noises when I walked.

Mummy says we are going to be at home for a few weeks and we deserve a break. So, we are hoping for long runs and walks, more sky carpets (but not the brushing). Mummy says we need the rest as next year we are going to be helping the new people in the clinic and our pawdiology services are expanding.

Until then, we hope you have a very Happy Christmas! Have fun and we hope to see you soon.

Teddy and Buddy xx