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Teddy’s Treasure Hunt!

We have been loving this hot weather as Mummy has been taking us into the clinic. Being at work is like being in the snow – it’s SO cold! We have special cold jackets which help keep us cool at home in the hot weather. Daddy tried to help us get in a pool, but I only like water in which I can swim.

Buddy has also had to look after me recently. Mummy says he’s my nurse but he’s not very good at it. After our recent week’s holiday with our friend, I seem to have adopted some grass seed friends – they aren’t nice as they got stuck in my skin. But, I have been able to see my vet friend who said I was a very brave boy. Mummy does brush me; I don’t like it but the vet says I have to let Mummy brush me so I’ll try harder to sit still.

Because of this hot weather, and my grass friends, we haven’t been out running – but I am really looking forward to getting back out. We have been enjoying walks, but they have been late evening when I am normally settling down for my snooze.

I have been working on a treasure hunt and Buddy needs some help from you please. We are helping raise some extra money for Playscape – this is the children’s play area in Great Shelford. Mummy said the prize is a voucher for Scotsdales Garden Centre – I like Scotsdales, especially the pet section. They have lots of treats and toys and we love going there. If the winner needs any help in choosing a gift please let us know and we can show you where the best toys and food are!

View or print the treasure map and rules here. If you don’t have access to a printer, don’t worry. You can read the rules online and write down your answer on a slip of paper. Don’t forget to include your contact details so we can tell you if you win.

Good luck!


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