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Parking at Woollards Lane

We still cannot believe we have been at our new home in Woollards Lane for man months now. The larger premises mean we have been able to help lots more people, and we have loved seeing the reactions of our clients who are astounded at the size of the new clinic in comparison with the old.

The car park at the back of the building (accessed down Robinson Court) is a private car park for angli-EAR Hearing clients and four properties on Woollards Lane. The car park was part of the old Barclays bank that occupied the building – but they never enforced it being used solely by their clients. We realised as soon as building works started that the general public using the car park would be an issue.

We have done our utmost to inform people that the parking is for our clients visiting the clinic and our staff. We use the spaces each day.  Even though we have tried signage, polite notes on cars and speaking to people when they park, we have not been able to resolve the issue of the public using our private car park. Over the weekends, the car park seems to be used by people to eat lunch, leaving litter in the car park and sometimes even fly-tipping. We have therefore decided that we need to take enforcement to the next level.

Our parking facilities remain available to our clients when visiting the clinic, but from August 16th, we will need you to register your car registration as an authorised visitor to the clinic. We will add specific instructions to email reminders and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras will be responsible for managing and enforcing usage.

If a vehicle comes into the carpark, turns around and leaves, this will not generate a charge. The charge is only applied if the vehicle parks without its details being registered. There will be a QR code to scan, to register your details – or if you do not have a smartphone, a registering point within reception.

We are sorry to have to take this step. We always want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit us. But when our clients can’t park or aren’t able to walk along the pavement due to vehicles parked there, something needs to change.

This is not something that applies to all the car parks in Great Shelford, as the carpark for the Village Hall and McColls are owned and operated by South Cambs District Council. If you are coming into Great Shelford without coming into the clinic, please use these spaces. The cameras are in use in our car park at all times.

We have offered our car park facilities to the Shelford Fun Run and for community events and we will continue to support this, but it’s the day to day usage which we need to protect for the benefit of our clients.

If you are concerned about this change, please get in touch. This change is not meant to be a barrier for you using the clinic – it should actually make it easier for you to park when you do come along for your appointment.