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Teddy and Buddy’s Autumn Update – DANGER, GRASS SEEDS!

Teddy has had a bit of a summer. After our walks we always check the dogs for ticks, as we know these can be an issue. Teddy also seems to attract ‘nature’; his curly fur picks up sticks and leaves so always gets an extra visual check.

We noticed he had a ‘hot spot’ at the top of his front leg. We took him to the vets and they thought a grass seed had penetrated his skin. He was such a good boy and allowed the vets to flush the wound without any medication or fuss. They didn’t find anything, but wrapped his leg – visual evidence of his experiences which he appreciated for gaining the sympathy vote!

The wound didn’t heal and the vet decided they would need to operate. Now the issue isn’t the operation: explaining nil by mouth to a Golden Retriever is the challenge! We have the same issue in Spring explaining the clock change and waiting an extra hour for breakfast and dinner!

The operation found a grass seed which had travelled through his skin. “Great”, we thought, thinking the problem was sorted. But again the wound didn’t heal. After a further wound flush, and one more operation, another grass seed was located and removed.

Teddy is doing well and made a thorough recovery. He is unhappy as his leg was shaved and reminded him of the bad home haircut he received in lock down.

Whilst we had known about grass seeds as a hazard to dogs, we had never experienced anything like this. Some research revealed just how serious a simple grass seed can be to a dog’s health as they can, in worse cases, track to a dogs heart.

We could never understand why this is not an issue for Buddy who goes wherever Teddy goes, but it may be the fur type Teddy has. To help prevent this, next summer we will speak to the dog groomer about a special cut/groom to reduce the risk. In addition, we have made some changes to his grooming regime. He is now washed regularly with Oatmeal and Aloe Vera hydrating shampoo and a leave-in conditioner to helped soften his fur.

When you come to the clinic if you think you can smell a summer fruit forest, it’s likely to be Teddy as his new conditioner is Mango and Guava scented.

Here is some information from the Blue Cross on the danger of grass seeds. Not a worry at the moment, but in speaking to others we realise dog owners aren’t aware of the discomfort and danger a simple grass seed might cause.

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