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Teddy’s blog: Adventures in the Garden and Cosy Fur for Feathered Friends

Our resident Pawdiologists, Teddy and Buddy have had a very busy schedule, with garden adventures, a special grooming routine and keeping an eye out for neighbourhood visitors. Teddy explains all in his latest blog: 

“We have had a busy few months since our last update, and we are pleased to confirm that our food schedule remains unchanged. However, we understand that we can’t have everything, apparently. We have been busy helping people and enjoying the company of our garden friends.

Although we have spent some time in the clinic recently, we have been lucky enough to venture out into the garden during the nicer weather. We love hearing the birdies and we spend a lot of time talking (also known as “barking”) with our doggy friends in the neighbourhood. There is a path along the back of our garden, and we make it known (through “barking”) that we are friendly and welcome people to join us for some playtime.

Our grooming routine involves being brushed twice a week. Despite Mummy’s belief that it makes no difference, we always attempt to minimise this requirement. We invest a great deal of time in getting our coats to “smell” just right, and brushing interferes with our meticulous program. However, we are now happy with the brushing sessions, as our fur is being used by our birdy friends to create warm and cosy nests. This addition to the garden has proven to be quite popular, as we have even observed a curious squirrel (though only through closed doors) investigating the fur. The squirrel seems to have learned not to visit when we are in the garden, as we quickly let him know he’s not welcome. He knows better than to come by when WE are in our garden!”