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Teddy’s Blog: Lights, Camera, Action!

Resident Pawdiologists, Teddy and Buddy, seem to be a bit bemused with all the Balance and Vestibular activity that is going on in the clinic at the moment. We have a new Assessment and Rehabilitation room, and our friends at Star Radio came over to film a promotional video. Plus a visit from hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey. Here’s Teddy’s blog to explain more…

We have had a very exciting start to the year and it’s been about new, new, new!

We have had new people visit us in the clinic. A few weeks ago we were visited by our friends with the TV cameras. We had to have a special brush to look our best as we are going to be appearing on the TV. The TV people were new and we had lots of fun spending time with them. Daddy spoke to the man, then Celeste did, and then we have no idea what Mummy was doing standing on one leg, but it looked like she was having lots of fun.

There’s also lots of new machines upstairs and new people are coming in to the clinic to see us. Mummy doesn’t like us going in that room she said our waggy tails aren’t compatible with the equipment inside. We’ve spotted balls of all shapes and sizes in there. Mummy said only limited numbers of people can visit that room – we need to get on that list to we can explore, please help! Mummy said it’s only for people with “balance problems”, but I think she forgets how often we fall over with the white, cold stuff on the ground outside!!!!

We also had a visit from new freneds, Stally and Glide (Sally & Guy), from Starkey. The make things that help you to hear better. We had a lovely buffet lunch and Daddy shared some melon with us. Stally and Glide bought us our very own goody bags filled with doggy treats and a very special squeaky elephant each. We played for a little while and then it was down to business as we did some Pawdiology learning all about how we can help all our best freneds when they come to see us. Only one elephant survived the day as Buddy pulled his ear off and stole his voice box – Buddy has been reported for this. Thank you Starkey, we hope you can visit every day as I am sure you have so much more to teach us. Best day ever

We are looking forward to seeing you all in the clinic and hopefully you will spot us on our upcoming tv appearance.