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Teddy’s Blog: Squirrel Patrol

Happy Easter all our frendz!

We don’t get chocolate, but we know we will be at home for a few extra days, with full attention from Mummy and Daddy. Mummy usually takes us out for extra walks and runs and we go an’ visit our fluffy sheep friends when we run.

Whilst dictating our monthly update to Mummy, we are out in the garden, laying on the patio, enjoying the garden, warming up in the sunshine, listening to the birdies and looking out for Splodge (the squirrel). He keeps stealing from our bird frendz and I keep telling him off. Hopefully, I finish this blog before the weekend as he visits a lot.

We wanted to say a big thank you for helping us with our campaign to ensure we get our breakfast and lunch earlier. After 6 months of moaning every meal time, a few weeks ago Mummy surprised us with an early breakfast! We were so happy, but didn’t mentioned anything and it happened again recently! We remind them morning and night now to make sure they don’t forget about the new arrangement. There are too many people to thank for helping us with this campaign, but if you mentioned to Mummy and Daddy you made a big difference. Lets hope it continues as we have been in this place before!!!! (Note from Sarah: a.k.a daylight saving, but try explaining to them that’s the reason their stomachs are out by an hour)

Lovely chatting to you!

~Teddy and Buddy Chapman, Esqs

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