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Teddy’s Blog: Working “flat-out”

Teddy and Buddy have been very busy in the clinic. You could even say they have been working, um…”flat-out”. Here’s what Teddy has to say about life as a busy Pawdiologist in the clinic: 

“We’ve had a busy summer, spending a lot of time at the clinic to keep things running smoothly. Although we initially thought about sharing ‘A Day in Our Lives,’ our busy schedule made us reconsider. Instead, we’d like to share some of our favourite office moments with you.

Our day starts with breakfast at home. You might remember our previous blog about the challenges we faced with our human, but now we’re getting fed regularly and on time.

Depending on our business meetings, our clinic hours vary. Most of our time is spent upstairs with Mummy.

During her business calls, we’re in the room, often listening from a comfortable sleeping position on the floor. Occasionally, a passing doggie barks, and we remind them to be quiet, so as not to interrupt.

We often have visitors at the clinic, and we enjoy making them feel welcome. We keep a watchful eye on both doors to greet them.

For our regular visitors, we check if their food smells good and if they’ve had enough coffee, tea, and water.

During lunch, we stay on guard to clean up any mess that falls on the floor to prevent slip hazards.

As dedicated Pawdiologists, we attend all training courses and ensure everyone’s learning and having a good time.

Once our work duties are finished, we head home for dinner. After a long day, we love chilling out on the sofa – Buddy is particularly good at this.

If you’re at the clinic, we’ll make time in our day to come and see you. Just ask, and we’ll be available!”