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Phonak Lyric

From its discreet design to the practical benefits of 24/7 hearing, discover the many unique features of this extra-special hearing aid.

In Ear Hearing Aid

Phonak’s Lyric in ear hearing aid is highly unique. It’s invisible within the ear and can be worn 24 hours a day for months at a time – we are Cambridgeshire’s only specialist provider.

Why choose Phonak Lyric?

Every individual’s hearing aid needs are unique, which is why we remain an impartial clinic that provides a full spectrum of solutions. We have no affiliation to any manufacturer, but as the region’s only specialist supplier of the Phonak Lyric, we want to shed some light on its potential. Here’s why you should consider it as your next device.

100% invisible

Unlike traditional hearing aids, which are worn outside the ear, Lyric lives inside the ear canal for complete external invisibility. Insertion and eventual removal are done by our experienced audiologists, in a quick, non-invasive procedure.

Due to the design of Lyric, after our team’s expert placement, the device can be left within your ear canal for months at a time. You won’t even feel it’s there. Soft, biocompatible foam seals adapt to the natural contouring of your ear canal – and though it’s small, it’s mighty. Sounds are amplified clearly.

24/7 hearing

Lyric’s round-the-clock performance goes far beyond pure convenience. For some, it’s a preference, but for others, it’s a must. In a professional setting, external hearing aids pose challenges for those who wear headsets or ear protection, or those active enough to risk a device falling off. Constantly improved hearing is also reassuring on more personal fronts. Individuals providing care for a relative or parents of young infants may find impaired hearing throughout the night worrisome. With Lyric, these concerns are a thing of the past.

Seamless usability

Unique positioning within the ear means that Lyric can be worn all day, every day. With no external parts, they don’t restrict daily activities like traditional hearing aids. You can shower, use headphones, use a phone without Bluetooth connectivity, wear a helmet for active sports and even sleep with them in.

There’s also none of the typically fiddly maintenance. That means no battery or filter changes between appointments. It’s all taken care of intermittently by our skilled audiologists.

Tinnitus relief

As well as assisting with hearing loss, Phonak Lyric has also been shown to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms. The constant ringing, whistling or buzzing associated with the condition can be a daily frustration, and while there is no cure, hearing devices help. Naturally, given its 24/7 wearability, Lyric provides a constant benefit. Experience reduced aggravation through the day and improved sleep quality at night.

Phonak Lyric Subscription Service

Phonak Lyric is exclusively available on a subscription basis.

If you are interested in finding out how Lyric can give better hearing that is 100% invisible, then book a Lyric Full Hearing and Suitability Assessment with one of our experienced audiologists. They will discuss with you whether Lyric is the right option for your personal hearing requirements.

You can find out more about how your Lyric journey works here.

Visit us at the clinic to explore Phonak Lyric and our broader range of devices, book an appointment online or contact us for more information.