Julie Is A Wizard! | angli-EAR hearing

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Julie Is A Wizard!

After suffering from tinnitus for three weeks, I finally decided to go through with getting the wax removed as it felt like my last hope of curing the continuous high pitched noice that was keeping me awake at night. And for anyone nervous or unsure about it, I can confirm that you have nothing to worry about and I would absolutely recommend it to anybody, even if they have no problems with their ears, because my hearing has been ridiculous ever since I got it done! The procedure is so fast, completely painless, and you really don’t realise just how much ear wax affects your hearing because ever since the procedure I can hear better than ever, everything sounds so amplified right now and thats even including before the tinnitus started so I am so happy I went through with it!

110% recommend to anybody considering it, BIG thank you again to Julie and the whole AngliEAR team, you have saved me so many hours of lost sleep 🙂