Excellent prompt service and advice - angli-EAR hearing

Our COVID procedures remain unchanged.

Since the pandemic started, we have all been expected to wear masks in public spaces as part of the government regulations. As a result of the vaccination roll-out, the Government made the requirement for wearing face masks in public optional from 19th July.

Our priority has always been to ensure we take measures to protect our clients and staff. We have provided more than 10,000 masks since we re-opened and gallons of hand sanitisers in our effort to provide a COVID secure environment.

To date, we have not yet had updated information from our governing bodies or the Government. Our procedures remain the same but we will provide a further update should anything change.

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Excellent prompt service and advice

I had been attempting to get an appointment to see my doctor ‘in person’ regarding an ongoing ear issue for 5 months. I rang to make an appointment and managed to secure an assessment at Angli-ear that afternoon. A camera ear check confirmed that the issue was not with my actual ear (no wax build up or pressure problems) but was most likely to be a blockage within my eustachian tube – something which had not been suggested during the three telephone consultations I had experience with the doctor. The Angli-ear consultant suggested that, armed with this information, I continue to press for an actual appointment with the doctor to be refered to an ear, nose and throat specialist. I have now had another telephone consultation with the doctor and awaited a referral to a ENT specialist.