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Hearing Training & Talks

Discover how you can tap into angli-EAR Hearing’s audiological expertise, with our wide range of public and private training sessions, presentations and talks.  

Expert Training & Talks

We’re here to share our audiological expertise across a wide range of public and private engagements.

We offer free talks to organisations and community groups across the region, promoting a better understanding of hearing and hearing issues.

We also provide bespoke professional training and presentations. Our talks are suitable for those working across diverse educational, medical and manufacturing sectors understand the opportunities to improve hearing and outcomes for themselves and others across their working lives.

We’ve found that sharing our knowledge and insights at meetings is beneficial to diagnosis, improved lives and better services across the region.

Our expertise enables us to prepare talks about the most relevant aspects of audiology and hearing health that your organisation or group may be interested in, and we are always happy to discuss any topics you may have in mind and tailor our talks to your needs.

We’re not selling our services, but instead sharing our expertise to improve lives and give back to our local community. We’re here to raise awareness of hearing health topics through short talks, between 30 – 45mins.


Our Lead Audiologist, Trevor Chapman reaches out regularly to groups within the community, including schools, GPs, local organisations, business groups and membership clubs.

Trevor also has a regular expert slot on the Jeremy Sallis show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, speaking on hearing health issues followed by answering phone-in questions which always makes for lively and interactive discussions.

Some of Trevor’s most popular talk subjects include:

  • Why should you address mild hearing loss? The link between hearing loss and dementia
  • What’s that ringing? It could be tinnitus
  • Waxing on. What is earwax and what can it tell you about your health?
  • Audiologist or brain trainer? The brain’s role in hearing
  • Ask the audiologist – Everything you ever wanted to know about hearing but were too afraid to ask!
  • Children’s Hearing: The link between hearing, academic performance and behaviour

We’d love to come and speak at your meeting or event, please drop us an email at [email protected] or call 01223 661399 and we’ll be happy to help.

Still unsure? Here’s some testimonials following talks:

Ely Hereward Rotary, President Emeritus and Trustee, Keith Evans:

“Trevor gave a talk at Ely Hereward Rotary which was very informative and engaging. We learnt how hearing loss, if left untreated, can be a trigger for the onset of dementia and social isolation. Trevor also explained how modern hearing aids are not the “volume raisers” of days gone by, they contain some very clever technology. We were amazed to discover they can home in on a person speaking whilst reducing unwanted background noise, and even connect to your TV or stream music directly to your ears!  Personable and knowledgeable, we highly recommend booking Trevor for an insightful talk about the fascinating world of audiology.”

Sally Kingman, Past Chairperson of WI East Anglia region:

“I have heard so often from local WI members that they recommend Trevor as a speaker at their monthly meetings – his talks are always very entertaining. The members appreciate that his talk is ‘not a hard sell’!  

Our members very much enjoyed his talk. One mentioned that her husband did not use his hearing aid (NHS) and it was driving her mad. At the following meeting she told everyone that Trevor’s was the best talk she had attended and, after an appointment with angli-EAR Hearing, her husband is now using his hearing aid correctly!  

 I personally was so pleased to hear this, as not only has she benefited from the talk, but also so has her husband! If you cannot hear very well, you soon begin to feel isolated, which can have a huge impact on your mental health

Learn from angli-EAR Hearing’s audiological expertise through our wide range of public and private engagements.