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A Rough Guide to Assistive Listening Devices

Roger in action - top hearing aid accessories available.

For individuals with hearing difficulties, keeping up with conversations and enjoying various listening environments can be challenging. Fortunately, advancements in technology have led to the development of assistive listening devices that can significantly improve communication and enhance hearing experiences. In this blog post, we will explore two popular devices, the Phonak Roger range and the Starkey Table Mic, and discuss how they can help individuals overcome hearing difficulties and participate fully in their daily lives.

Phonak Roger Range: Bridging the Communication Gap

The Phonak Roger range consists of various wireless assistive listening devices designed to address specific listening needs. These devices work in conjunction with compatible hearing aids and cochlear implants to improve speech understanding, even in challenging listening environments. Here’s how some of the Phonak Roger devices can make a difference:

Phonak Roger On:

The Roger On is a compact, versatile and easy to use device that can be placed on a table or held by a speaker to transmit their voice directly to the user’s hearing aids. It helps reduce background noise, enhance speech clarity, and improve understanding in situations such as meetings, lectures, or social gatherings.

Phonak Roger Select:

The Roger Select is an adaptable device that can be placed on a table or worn by a conversation partner. It automatically focuses on the dominant speaker’s voice and streams it wirelessly to the user’s hearing aids, ensuring optimal speech intelligibility in noisy environments.

Phonak Roger Table Mic II:

This sleek and compact microphone offers exceptional sound quality and coverage, making it an ideal solution for group conversations in various settings. With its advanced technology, the Table Mic II can effectively pick up and transmit speech from multiple speakers, ensuring that everyone at the table can be heard clearly, regardless of their position. It is a reliable and convenient solution for meetings, conferences, and social gatherings, enabling individuals with hearing loss to fully participate and engage in conversations with confidence.

Roger Clip-On mic:

The Roger™ Clip-On Mic is a small, wireless hearing aid microphone designed for one-on-one conversations in noisy environments and over distances that can be clipped onto clothing. With its directional microphone, it ensures clear communication with your partner. This device is especially suitable for beginners in using assistive hearing devices; it automatically adjusts to noise levels and speakers, and it can also be connected to audio sources for multimedia use. The Roger™ Clip-On Mic enhances speech understanding, making conversations easier and more enjoyable.

Starkey Table Mic: Enhancing Group Conversations

The Starkey Table Mic is an assistive listening device specifically designed to improve communication in group settings. Here are some notable features and benefits:

Large Microphone Coverage:

The Table Mic can capture audio from multiple speakers around a table, providing a comprehensive coverage area. This ensures that individuals with hearing difficulties can hear and participate in group discussions without feeling excluded.

Wireless Connectivity:

The Table Mic wirelessly connects to compatible hearing aids, enabling direct streaming of the amplified sound to the user’s ears. This eliminates the challenges of distance or background noise, allowing for clear and effortless communication.

Easy Operation:

The Table Mic is simple to use, with intuitive controls for adjusting volume and microphone settings. Users can easily switch between different microphone modes, such as focusing on a specific speaker or selecting a multidirectional mode for broader sound pickup.

Assistive listening devices such as the Phonak Roger range and the Starkey Table Mic play a crucial role in overcoming the challenges faced by individuals with hearing difficulties. By improving speech understanding, reducing background noise, and enhancing communication in various listening environments, these devices enable individuals to actively participate in conversations, enjoy social interactions, and regain their confidence and independence.

If you experience hearing difficulties, consider consulting with one of audiology team to explore the benefits and suitability of these assistive listening devices for your specific needs.


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