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Hearing Loss & Hearing Services

In simple terms, hearing Loss is the loss of sound travelling to the brain from the ear or hearing pathway, that is from the outer ear through to the brain. Losing your hearing has far-reaching consequences, cutting you off from those around you and from your life as you have known it. Do you notice that your hearing is deteriorating or if you think that more people are mumbling around you? Do you find yourself saying “pardon?” again and again, have to turn up the television or radio more loudly? Are tired of trying to keep up in conversations when you feel that you’re falling behind or are finding that you are withdrawing from activities you used to enjoy? If this sounds like you, then you may well benefit from having a hearing aid fitted.

Much More than Simply the Loss of Sound

Hearing Loss can alter your life tremendously. Even a partial hearing impairment can mean that you feel isolated from your family and friends, start avoiding things that you have enjoyed doing previously or you can feel depressed and alone. The ear is very complicated and there are many reasons why it may not work correctly, but all hearing loss has an impact on your life, sometimes with devastating consequences. As soon as you notice a deterioration in your hearing, get in touch with us to start finding a solution to hearing your life better again.

Hearing loss can result in an increased risk of dementia

9.1% of all dementia could be avoided if hearing loss was treated early.
The Lancet Journal

Hearing services life altering hearing loss

Four times more likely to suffer a fall

Suffering from a fall that causes a broken bone is up to four times more likely with hearing loss.
The Lancet Journal

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