Our COVID procedures remain unchanged. Since the pandemic started, we have all been expected to wear masks in public spaces as part of the government regulations. As a result of the vaccination roll-out, the Government made the requirement for wearing face masks in public optional from 19th July. Our priority has always been to ensure we take measures to protect our clients and staff. We have provided more than 10,000 masks since we re-opened and gallons of hand sanitisers in our effort to provide a COVID secure environment. To date, we have not yet had updated information from our governing bodies or the Government. Our procedures remain the same but we will provide a further update should anything change. Read more here.

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Hearing testing

The importance of diagnosing hearing loss as early as possible cannot be overstated. Here is the diverse range of options we offer.

It’s common to have our teeth and eyes checked regularly, but what about our hearing? Everyone over the age of 55 should arrange a hearing test once a year, or more urgently if there are signs of hearing deterioration. We offer a number of options, covering the entire gamut of potential issues.

FREE ear checks and hearing tests

Ear Health Check
If you’ve been experiencing symptoms such as earache, itchiness or a blocked feeling in your ears, we offer a free 15-minute Ear Health Check, to assess what’s wrong. We’ll check the overall health of your ears, ear canals and eardrum. Following the results, you may wish to arrange an additional appointment to resolve or investigate further, or we can advise accordingly.

Hearing Screening
We offer free Hearing Screening, to detect any signs of hearing loss. This test will be able to identify if your hearing is normal, or if you are indeed experiencing some degree of degradation. We allow 30 minutes for this test.

Should the result show some form of hearing loss, we would recommend a Full Diagnostic Assessment, in order to fully understand the cause of your hearing difficulties, the severity of this loss and what treatment might be required.

Full Diagnostic Assessment

The Full Diagnostic Assessment will thoroughly assess all the components of your hearing pathway, from your outer ear, through your middle ear and your cochlear, then into the auditory processing centre of your brain. Again, all the tests are non-obtrusive, pain-free, and performed in a sound-treated room – so there is still no need for you to enter a small, claustrophobic booth. This test takes about 90 minutes.

We deliver a professional service and are pleased to offer you a free Full Diagnostic Assessment when you purchase a hearing instrument from angli-EAR Hearing. A fee of £80 will be charged for this service if you choose not to make a purchase, but this charge can be redeemed against a future purchase.

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