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Elle Cooney

Ear Care Practitioner

Elle is an approved Wax Removal Specialist, trained to perform endoscopic wax removal, including e-suction. Elle joined the clinic from a dentistry background with ambitions to progress. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, Elle jumped at the chance. The learning opportunities continue as Elle is currently undertaking her Hearing Care Assistant qualification to broaden her knowledge further and cement her commitment to audiology. Elle has approached the role with the same enthusiasm and passion to her previous roles within the clinic.

Elle is a passionate baker, something we are all very happy about as we all love eating her cakes. To balance this out, Elle enjoys kayaking which helps to burn off some of those excess calories. In her spare time, Elle can be found spending time with friends and family, who we are sure are also pleased by her popping round with one of her sweet creations.

Elle got married in June 2023 and her move to a clinical role means 2023 has a been very important year for Elle.

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