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Kirstie Eley

Hearing Care Assistant

Kirstie is an approved Wax Removal Specialist trained to perform endoscopic wax removal, including e-suction. Kirstie joined angli-EAR Hearing looking for a new challenge, but having worked in healthcare for more than 15 years (private, NHS and community) she knew excellent patient care had to remain a key component of her role. Her new role with us brings learning opportunities and Kirstie is currently undertaking her Hearing Care Assistant qualification so she can have a much broader knowledge and help even more people.

Kirstie lives in Cambridge and has a passion for horticulture. Kirstie loves house plants – she has 50 and counting, so spotting her at home might be difficult. This passion for plants extends to her garden where she grows flowers and vegetables. We are hoping she has a bumper crop which she will be able to share with her colleagues!

When her green fingers aren’t busy, Kirstie will be out walking her dog, reading a book or enjoying live music at a local event. Being a dog owner isn’t a requirement for working at angli-EAR Hearing, but loving a Golden Retriever kiss is essential.

Welcome aboard Kirstie!

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