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Teddy and Buddy


Meet the team!

Woof woof grrrrr woof (We are Teddy & Buddy)

Woof grrrr woof woof grrrr (We were furrrrr-loughed like everyone else. We used the time at home wisely studying pawdiology and business from our home office)

Grrrr woof howl howl woof woof (We also moved the family kennel and we all live much nearer to work now and the roads aren’t as bumpy)

Woof grrrr pant pant woof woof (We have been back into the office mainly for team meetings and sometimes we go for a run with mummy before work so we are ready for the day in the clinic)

Woof blog blog pant woof woof (We have been working really hard at home on our blogs as we have soooooooooo much to say. Make sure you keep an eye out in the newsletter or our Facebook page and you can keep updated on what we have been up to.

Translation provided by Mummy – Sarah

Meet the team