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What is microsuction earwax removal?

Microsuction earwax removal is a treatment where a trained professional removes earwax using a suction device while looking into your ear. The Practitioner will use a binocular microscope which offers a clear view of the ear canal, making it easier to identify and remove the earwax with low-pressure suction.

Microsuction earwax removal has become increasingly popular over the years as it’s safe and pain-free for the patient. Many people also find it a lot more comfortable than ear syringing.

What are the main benefits of microsuction earwax removal?

What gives microsuction wax removal the edge over the traditional method of ear syringing?

Here are some of its major benefits:

  • It offers the audiologist/wax practitioner a clear view of the ear. The binocular microscope used with this treatment means the audiologist/wax practitioner can clearly see the ear canal and the presence of wax, making it significantly easier, and safer, to remove all traces of wax and check for any signs ear infection.
  • It’s a neater treatment with no messy water used. Ear syringing involves water being flushed into the ear, but there’s no need for that with microsuction. Not only does this reduce any risk of infection, but it also makes for a more comfortable experience for clients.
  • It’s safe for perforations. For those who have a perforated eardrum, microsuction earwax removal is the safest treatment option as well as being the most accurate as there is minimal risk of anything being pushed into your eardrum.
  • The microsuction treatment is comfortable and pain-free. Unlike ear syringing, which although not painful is known to cause discomfort to some patients, microsuction is a more comfortable method of wax removal.

How often is ear microsuction required?
Most patients decide to undertake microsuction when their ears are blocked with wax. However, you can also choose to have it done on a regular basis to keep your ear canals clear and prevent blockage in the future. If you’re more prone to earwax buildup, we may advise regular microsuction treatments to help keep the problem at bay.

To help with this cost we have created a ‘Premier Plan’ service. Premier Plan is a monthly or annual subscription service that allows a client access to on-going wax removal services as required. You can find out more about this money-saving service here.

If you would like to book a micro-suction earwax removal, you can do so by either calling 01223 661399 or book online