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Meet the Team

Our Friendly Team

N'Gadie Roberts

N’Gadie is an audiologist from Australia with experience in adult aural rehabilitation.

Sanjam Makkar

Sanjam Makkar is an Audiologist with a Master's degree in Advanced Audiology. Originally from India, she has specialised in Audiology, Speech Language Pathology and Adult Aural Rehabilitation.

Samuel Chapman

Samuel is an Audiologist with previous roles in the NHS, including Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and private clinics, specialising in advanced diagnostics for a number of different audiology fields including Paediatrics, Balance and Vestibular, and Adult Rehabilitation.

James Saladine

James is a dedicated Vestibular Physiotherapist with a wealth of experience. He is passionate about vestibular rehabilitation and helping people who are suffering from vertigo, dizziness or balance problems, in regaining control of their life.

Kirstie Eley

Kirstie is an approved Wax Removal Specialist trained to perform endoscopic wax removal, including e-suction.

Elle Cooney

Elle is an approved Wax Removal Specialist, trained to perform endoscopic wax removal, including e-suction.

Amy Blackham

Meet angli-EAR Hearing's receptionist, Amy.

Alanna Martin

Alanna is our Practice Manager. She is extremely customer focused with her expert skills honed via a background in retail and travel as well as the health care sector – both NHS and private.

Trevor Chapman

Trevor's 17 years of experience include managing one of the UK’s Hearing Instrument manufacturers, running and owning a clinic in Australia and managing the cochlear implant programs for a cochlear implant manufacturer across 11 countries.

Sarah Chapman

Sarah spends most of her time managing the practice and our wonderful team. As well as making sure everything is running smoothly, her other roles (to name just a few) include HR, general maintenance and repairs, organising rotas and Health & Safety.

Teddy and Buddy

Teddy is training to be a PAT – Pets As Therapy Dog. It's hard work, but good fun. Buddy is training to be a real dog, as he is still learning how to use his legs…

Reena Jhalli

Reena is an Audiologist with 15 years of experience working in the NHS after graduating with a BSc Hons in Audiology in 2007.

Tania Simons

Tania is an approved CLEARWAX Wax Removal Specialist and ENT-trained to perform endoscopic ear wax removal, including E-suction. She’s had a varied career in NHS and private healthcare focussed on helping and caring for people.