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How to remove earwax at home

If you notice that your earwax has become problematic and is causing symptoms such as pain, vertigo, hearing loss, coughing, itchiness or a feeling of a blocked ear, you may wish to try a home earwax treatment before seeking professional help. Its best to start softening the wax with room-temperature olive oil. 

Before you attend your earwax removal appointment with us, simply apply a few drops of olive oil into your ears twice a day for a few days. This will help soften the earwax safely without causing any dryness, itching, flaky skin or irritation that can be experienced with the use of chemical solutions. We would recommend using Earol which is an easy-to-use olive oil applicator. 

We would not recommend the use of Hopi ear candles or ear candling, as these are not carried out by audiology professionals and there is no data to suggest that they work.  They can cause more debris to collect in the ear canal and there is a potential for burns to the skin.

Remember: Never put anything in your ears to try and remove earwax. It’s dangerous to insert small sharp objects into your ears and can also make problems with build up worse, as the wax gets pushed further into your ear canal. 

To find out more about our safe, endoscopic earwax removal service visit our Earwax Removal page

To book an ear wax removal appointment or for more advice please call 01223 661 399 or  book online

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