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Balance: When to visit A&E

If you feel dizzy, unsteady, disorientated and/or lightheaded and experience any of the below IN ADDITION, please attend the nearest A&E hospital or call the emergency services as soon as possible.

Sudden onset of:

1. Significant and persistent nausea and vomiting

2. Extremely severe headache with or without associated neck pain

3. Pure double vision (diplopia) rather than visual blurring

4. Speech difficulties (dysarthria)

5. Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia)

6. Trouble with the voice when trying to talk, including hoarseness and change in pitch or quality of voice (dysphonia)

7. Inability to control the distance, speed and range of motion necessary to perform smoothly coordinated movements (dysmetria) like buttoning clothing, writing, using a key to lock or unlock a door, etc.

8. Abnormal feeling such as decreased sensation, pins and needles or numbness on top of the head or face (dysesthesia)

9. Drop attacks (sudden falls without losing consciousness)

10. Lost awareness of yourself and surroundings for at least a few seconds

11. Down-is-up distortions (sensation of room tilting upside down)

12. Feeling faint

13. Chest tightness with or without arm or middle back cramping

14. Difficulty breathing (dyspnea)

15. Severe palpitations while feeling cold or hot

16. Fever over 37.5°C or a feeling of chills

17. Sudden involuntary opening of bladder and/or bowel with or without associated back pain

18. If you suspect your symptoms may be related to new/recent medication intake (ototoxicity)

19. Bleeding from the nose, ear or mouth

20. ONE-SIDED arm and/or leg weakness

21. If you cannot recall information such as who is around you, what you were doing or where you are located

22. ONE-SIDED swelling or red/blue/purple discolouration of arm or leg

Our clinic are experts in vestibular and balance. We offer assessments and management treatments as a part of our services. You can read about our vestibular and balance services here.

If you are not sure what type of assessment you might need, and you definitely don’t need a trip to A&E, we also offer a FREE Balance Health Check.