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After many weeks of uncertainty in an upside-down world, we are pleased to announce that angli-EAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions will re-open for face to face appointments from May 18th 2020. Read more here

Coronavirus update – We are currently closed


We made the difficult, but responsible decision, to close the clinic on Monday 23rd March due to Government advice on the Coronavirus pandemic. With no clear date on when we will be able to reopen the clinic we wanted to offer some additional information and advice to our future and current clients.

We are calling clients weekly to cancel future appointments as needed. We are keeping records of cancelled appointments and where possible we will rebook them in the same order. We anticipate that we will be busy once the clinic re-opens, if you would like to put your name on our waiting list please drop us a line.

For our existing clients with hearing aids:

– Consumables (batteries domes and wax filters) if you are in need of these items, please call us and leave a message or email us with what you require. We will contact you to take payment and post the requirement items out to you.
– Problems with hearing aids. If you contact us as above and we will offer help and advice over the phone and discuss solutions to resolve the issue.

If you are suffering with ear wax there is little you can do it terms of self-medication. Keep popping olive oil into your ear to maintain the softness of the wax. Please don’t  put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear this will compact the wax and potentially cause damage to your ears/hearing.

As we move into the hayfever season the symptoms, a blocked feeling, can feel like wax. Steaming and/or anti -histamines can help reduce these feelings if hayfever is the issue.

This is a very stressful time for many people and this can result in the perception of your tinnitus increasing. With the world around you becoming quieter this can also increase the perception of your tinnitus, using a tinnitus sound generator can help by producing a ‘white noise’ to distract from your tinnitus. Alternatively, you would try keeping the radio on which again would add a distraction to your tinnitus sound. There is lots of help and advice on the British Tinnitus Association website  If you would like to be added to our waiting list please get in touch and we will be in touch.

You can call us (01223 661399) and leave a message or email us at and we will get back to you.

Its not business as usual but business as best as we are able. We thank you for your understanding.

We ask that you and your family stay well and safe during this difficult time and we look forward to helping you when we can safely reopen the clinic. Thank you for your patience  and understanding.

~The angliEAR Hearing team


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